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2018 Colour Predictions

It's 2018 and my mentor and Colour Mirrors "GM" in Canada, Moira Bush published a fantastic article that goes in depth with your colours prediction for love and health.

She has tied numerology with Colour Mirrors bottles and given insights into the  energies you will be working with this year. She has included all kinds of mini readings and fun new insights to play with.

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Here is a sneak preview of your numerical forecast:

1 The Sun Yellow / Yellow
Master Your Ego
Supporting Essence: Power Yellow Gold
2 The Moon Pale Blue / Royal Blue
Master Procrastination
Supporting Essence: Dolphin Royal Blue
3 Jupiter Coral / Coral
Master Expansion
Supporting Essence: Bliss Deep Orange
4 Uranus Yellow / Deep Turquoise
Master Shadow & Fears
Supporting Essence: Transcendence Silver Gold Dust

5 Mercury Green / Pale Green
Master Public Speaking
Supporting Essence: Archangel Metatron Magenta
6 Venus Pink / Pink
Master Law of Attraction Supporting
Essence: Pink Angel
7 Neptune Turquoise / Deep Turquoise
Master Teacher Trainer
Supporting Essence: Turquoise Dragon
8 Saturn Pale Violet / Deep Violet
Master Prosperity
Supporting Essence: Soul Magenta Violet
9 Mars Red / Orange
Master Relationships
Supporting Essence: Green Angel
11 Duality Deep Magenta / Clear
Master Wounded Healer
Supporting Essence: Clear Angel
22 Forgiveness Deep Magenta / Magenta
Master Self Judgment
Supporting Essence: Lilac Dragon
33 Love & Magic Pale Pink / Rose Pink
Self Mastery
Supporting Essence: Yeshua Pale Gold
Moira also has a great book - 8 Colours of Prosperity, Activating the Law of Attraction with Colour Frequencies

How to get out of debt without working harder. Instead become self aware by using colour analysis and therapy alongside: the law of attraction, stopping poverty habits, learning prosperity habits and learning which devils are in charge of your finances and relationships.

Learn more about the book Here

This is the second edition of the book. Recently Moira added new content for the 3rd edition, included with your purchase is a PDF of the new chapter!

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May we all be blessed with prosperity in all shapes and forms this year no matter which number energy you have!