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About Rising Star 40 strand DNA Activation

What is the Rising Star 40 strand DNA Activation. 
The Rising Star Healing System is a sacred, ancient activation and holy healing modality recently reintroduced to humanity/planet in 2004 through a pure, undiluted, initiatory lineage passed down directly by the Ascended Masters to Derek O'Neill, a psychotherapist, Self-Realized Spiritual Master /Healer, and instrument of Divine energy from Ireland. Rising Star is a powerful next step to assist us with our transformation process.


Some of the benefits from this new healing system include:
♥ Activate up to 40 strands of DNA.

♥ Clearing genetic family karmic patterns 7 levels up & down
♥ Remove misqualified and/or negative energies from the Seven chakras and Seven body systems allowing your Being to clear and heal on all levels, creating clarity and peace of mind and open to yourTrue Self
♥ Begin to Open the fourth Eye—The Master’s Eye.
♥ Connect with Higher Consciousness
♥ Gaining access to the Fifth Dimensional Lightbody.
♥ Rejuvenate all cells of your body in one week. and your body on all levels
♥ Begin an ascension process on all levels: soul, spirit, and physical body
♥ Help to create UNITY Consciousness, planetary Shifts
♥ Releasing unconscious patterns stored in DNA
♥Unlocking latent talents and spiritual abilities
♥ Shifting victim Consciousness/ bring back abundance

This is a 21 day process and I connect with you by email to support you with any Ascension Symptoms.

Rising Star is a powerful next step to assist us with our transformation process.
While Derek O'Neill was giving a workshop in NYC, Derek was talking and he suddenly stopped and went quiet for a time. Then he said to the 300 or so people at the workshop that the Masters had just told him to share a new healing system with them and the world. He then told all present that it was because of the high energy level in the workshop that the system could be shared at this time.

Derek asked for a volunteer from the people to receive the 1st Rising Star and a lady who was very ill put up her hand. Upon lying on the table the lady said she was feeling a lot of fear and energy. Derek told her to relax and when she did in front of 300 people her spine that was out of alignment for years, began to straighten. She informed Derek afterward that she had scoliosis.

All present were amazed at this healing and when it was over the lady felt much more balanced. She also said that the heat and energy felt like a jackhammer breaking through something and working on her. Since then many people all over the world have had Rising Star sessions and have agreed that it is very powerful and in some cases overwhelming. Rising Star is so simple and yet so powerful when being done by the practitioner. You don’t have to have faith or belief, no religion is required It merely takes the willingness of you to want to heal.

The Rising Star works on the five elements fire, water, air, earth, ether Derek was so kind as to initiate others into this healing system, so that it is now available to all who wish to benefit from it.

Our World is entering a phenomenal age of rapid awakening with the human race experiencing unprecedented spiritual growth. Change brings about evolutionary shift not only in the human mechanism, but in the collective consciousness of the planet as well. A quantum leap in our evolution is evidenced by our ability to grow more strands of DNA. Since November 11th 2004 & the opening of the 11:11 gateway, our human design has evolved into a 40 strand DNA structure.

DNA stores our original genetic blueprint and is an essential component of all living matter. It contains encoded information relative to one’s physical and spiritual lineage, and holds the imprint of one’s life purpose and divine potentialities. This information, found in 20 trillion cells of our body, determines a person’s physical form, hereditary maladies, mental proclivities, emotional behavior patterns, spiritual gifts and more. DNA defines who we are and serves as an interface between the physical world and the inner realm of energy, thought, and consciousness.

About the Rising Star Healing System
The Rising Star is probably the most complimentary healing system on the planet at this time. It raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) and the field around every living thing. The Rising Star allows the practitioner and the receiver to still the mind and transfer diving life energy to the part of your being that needs it most, for your healing and rebalancing to full health. Because of this and because it works on so many different levels at once, a person receiving it, we will say for a bad back, may find that another illness also gets helped. This is because it works on all levels: THE MIND,THE PHYSICAL,THE SPIRITUAL.

It is as if the healing energy know precisely where it is needed most (sometimes not to the place that you think is best). It goes where it will do the most good for your overall well-being. You can find that the healing also has an effect on family and friends as when you changes so do all around you change. This is based on the fact that we are all connected and not separate.

This works in conjunction with all medical treatments and medicines. The Rising Star brings your body, mind, and spirit into balance, and in doing so may reduce the amount of time on medication or the amount of times you need visit your doctor. This is because it is now widely recognized that excessive stress when reduced by healing helps certain psychosomatic illnesses to stop and brings you into wellness. This helps you to get much more out of live and begin in some people’s cases to LIVE TO THE FULLEST, NOT JUST SURVIVE.

Another purpose of the Rising Star Healing System is to accelerate self-actualization – The ability to experience and express one’s full divine potential and mastery of life. Key to rapid spiritual growth, self-transformation, and empowerment is not only the activation of our DNA, but also the clearing and healing of old, limiting patterns embedded in our cellular memory. The Rising Star Healing System infuses new light patterns into the DNA, which begin to activate dormant strands of DNA and create a new genetic setup in the physical body. As this DNA activation process continues, it unlocks the latent powers, abilities, secrets, and mysteries of one’s true inner being. Over time, the individual becomes more aligned with his or her own divine blueprint and authentic Self.

What makes the Rising Star Healing System so powerful is its ability to clear genetic and Family karma. The DNA structure is encoded karma manifested physically through the ancestral line. By receiving a RS Healing the genetic structure of the activated person will not only be altered, but this change will also affect the individual’s ancestors up to 7 generations in the past as well as descendants in the future. Bringing light into strands of DNA that have never been activated alters the probability of the future & changes the past. The RS Healing can potentially clear genetic pattering for various disorders such as alcoholism, depression, etc. In addition, it can also correct dysfunctional behavioral patterns inherent in families. The RS assist us in or own emotional healing process at deep levels. Fears, issues, anger, anxiety, dysfunctional feelings, and addictions, which have help people in limitation, may also be quickly released.

A RS Healing is completely safe and can be performed on anyone regardless of age, physical condition, beliefs, or location. A session takes one hour and can be done either in person or at a distance.

Remote sessions are just as powerful and effective as those done in person. Each session is performed perfectly every time because the person’s etheric blueprint is accessed by Source and infused with Light through sacred sound, symbol and breath.

Density and debris stored at the cellar level will be removed while high vibrational Light patterns and frequencies coming from the RS will assist those to evolve into increased levels of clarity, intelligence, creativity, intuition, joy and inner peace.

One session initiates an immediate week-long intensive healing on the physical, emotional, etheric, soul, and spiritual levels of one’s Being. Along with balancing each of the 7 chakras for 3 days each for a total of 21 days. The long-term healing effects of a single session will last for 21 months.

One to three RS sessions are available depending on individual preference and choice

Three Healing Sessions are recommended Why?

The First session your mind will want to follow what is going on and what the practitioner is doing. So most people don’t switch off and relax deeply. It also takes time to trust and let go. We like to control things out of fear. DON’T WE ?

On the Second Session You know what to expect and will feel much more relaxed, safe, and feeling much better after the first one. So the mind lets go of control more and deeper issues can be looked at and dealt with by you and the loving help of the Angels. This brings the healing to a whole new level.

The Third Healing Session is the session where every part of your being is filled with love and light, as you are now ready to let go the issue or dis-ease. This is not to say that you can’t let it go sooner. This session can go so deep that great changes happen in your life and a clear goal in life begin to immerge for more joy, love and peace to enter your life.

Rising Star Testimonials

My Rising Star Healing Session has been one of the most life-changing and meaningful gifts that I have ever been blessed with. An issue that I struggled with for as long as I can remember, lifted. And in it’s place I felt such sweetness and peace. It has blessed me with a whole new, truer experience of myself. I’m overwhelmed by the enormity of this gift. I thank you, and Master Hilarion and God for a blessing I cherish. I thank Jesus for his message that was so helpful, and Derek for sharing this beautiful healing system with us. I am truly overwhelmed with what this has done for me. Thank you!!! So much love!!! BF (NYC)

This healing has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I had no idea of the magnitude of transformation I would go though! I could actually feel and see negative energy leave me and my heart center open more that it ever has, or that I even thought possible! Even now as I write this a week later, my body continues to tingle and grow, and I am beginning for the first time to really get in touch with who I am.. A heartfelt, thanks to you Debra for the RS sessions. A R (San Jose, Ca)

“The Rising Star Initiation changes my life, it cleanses, rebalances, and brings light to everything it touches – human, animals, places, water, plants….the impact it has on my spiritual development, I see where it is affecting my family and relatives definitely worth it!
Over the 3 sessions I became more of a messenger of the light – this is certainly a tool to prepare for 2012….Debra Thank you and Blessings and much love!” Mary (Michigan) Long Distance

During my phone session I laid on my couch and I could feel as Debra passed over my chakras, I immediately felt calm and the burning away of negative energies and began to feel lighter and balanced I was surprised to continue feeling the first Rising Star treatment processing at each of the chakra points over the next 21 days preceding the session. Thanks Debra, I am in Gratitude.
Steve (CA.)
The RISING STAR is an extremely powerful healing that calls upon the Fire of Truth to remove all energies from your being that are allied with error and that are not in accordance with the True Self. It RAISES YOUR VIBRATION and removes much that may be blocking the attainment of your full potential. It is said that the Rising Star is a powerful and sacred system for healing. It is an ascension on all levels, not just for the soul and spirit but also the physical-cells, blood, bones, and all.
This healing is beneficial to adults, children, babies, animals, plants and minerals.