Let Your Inner Child be Curious & Find Ways To Play With The Energy
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About Seichim/Sekhem

Also known as “Living Light Energy ®”

Seichim pronounced ‘Say-Keem’ is both
a type of energy and an energy healing practice.
A Healing System for Everyone.

Seichim energy is all heart-based energy.

The energy has to do with how we are nurture and  mother ourselves. This is an energy that will assist you getting in touch with your inner child. It’s about knowing and feeling at a deep level that you are worthy.


 What is it?

  • A Natural Progression of Usui Reiki, but operates on a higher vibration and heals on a deeper level.  
  • PEOPLE use this system to enhance and amplify every positive aspect of their lives by active participation in the creation of Joy and Health.
  • PEOPLE use Seichim/Sekhem to Lighten their load with balanced, healing power and thereby Dissolve the burden of poor health
  • PEOPLE experience extraordinary benefits form the vital, harmonic results of “Living Light Energy” and thus erase emotional disturbances such as Depression and Stress.

Seichim/Sekhem is a powerful compact effective system for becoming permanently and experientially connected with “Living Light Energy ®”, but like anything connected with Spirit, it can’t be captured or controlled by human beings but only tapped into and understood as we unlock deeper levels of understanding in our present bodily form.

Using a procedure of Empowerment, a Seichim/Sekhem Master Teacher permanently connects the student to a balanced, harmonizing Healing “Sea” of Energy.

During this empowerment process, the personal energy centers of the students, head, heart and hands are activated. The process is much like the installation of cable television to a television set. Once installed, by flipping a switch, a special (Receiver) attracts and transmits a particular channel which was previously unavailable.  The switch in this case is Touch.

To complete the analogy, the Seichim /Sekhem Master Teacher is Empowered to install the system whereby the “Switch” is empowered to work when the therapist touches any living being.

“Living Light Energy ®” It’s Like Having a First Aid Kit in Your Hands

 How It Works and Where it Came From

Everyone is born with a personal “energy envelope” (sometimes referred to as an electro-magnetic field) of living light energy. It’s what we use to power our bodies, heal broken bones, and flight infections. 

It is this personal energy system that can be stimulated by acupuncture, sound therapy, colour therapy “Colour Mirrors”, homeopathy, and many other techniques to keep us alive and well.  Some of us are born with just enough of an “envelope” to keep us function.

Some of us are born with much larger “envelopes.” These people you may know who just with touch can calm a child or ease fevers and headaches.

Outside the energy in our personal “envelopes” is a vast limitless seal of living light energy. This is a balanced, resonating, and harmonizing, healing energy available to everyone.  It is already integrated.  It has no positive or negative charge, no yin or yang to consider.  It is whole and complete, and ready to be used.

Several healing methods have surfaced that access this sea of energy. The religious ways, and some others, require a belief system, like prayer, which many times is combined with “laying on of hands.”   Other techniques build mental constructs which connect the healer with the energy.  People can become channels for the healing energy through practice, concentration, & training by high quality teachers.

Seichim/Sekhem is the western pronunciation for the Sanskrit term meaning “Living Light Energy.” The word is used to designate both the energy itself and the method that uses the energy. Using ancient wisdom, the Seichim/Sekhem initiation empowers the initiate, regardless of belief systems, to use the “Living Light Energy©” as a personal tool for growth and transformation.

The active use of Seichim/Sekhem a form of Universal energy that was originally used for healing purposes in Ancient Egypt, promotes healing and balancing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, with a focus on the heart Centre.

Generally speaking, Seichim and Sekhem are two different spellings of the same word. They refer to the same energy and they have been used interchangeably, however in some contexts there can be a subtle distinction between the two. Sekhem is the spelling that is used in literature related to ancient Egypt and could therefore be considered to be the common or more original spelling of the word. 

“Living Light Energy©” addresses the subtler aspects of cause, releasing even the deeply held thought forms in the etheric body which create the symptoms of blockages in our physical form.  In the physical body every molecule and cell is affected in a cleansing, balancing healing manner by consistent use of Seichim/Sekhem.


About a Seichem Session

Seichem treats the person as a whole, activating the body's own self-healing processes and helping to bring balance mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

An average Seichim/Sekhem treatment lasts around an hour or so. During the procedure the practitioner gently paces his or her hand on or over the recipient’s body, following the roadmap of suggested positions for at least 3 – 5 mins per position.

This insures that all vital organs, meridians, gland and energy centers of the body receive attention.  After this overall balancing it is always appropriate to spend extra time on any chronic areas of imbalance.

Repetition, having and giving full treatments regularly, is a joy and will greatly enhance and speed up the healing process, whatever the imbalance.

Enjoy your experience!

Becoming a Seichem Practitioner 

There are a total of 5 Facet Initiation Plus Grand Master Teacher Initiation.

All the Facets are about opening and energizing the energy center of the heart.  Connecting, permanently and experientially at the heart with Spirit allows us to be transformed and perfected.

Seichim /Sekhem initiations increase the initiate’s barriers between people as well as between the personality self and the higher self. The initiations increase your ability to love more completely without fear and judgement.

  1. First Facet initiation enables the practitioner to activate and amplify Living Light Energy® through the act of touch
  2. Second Facet initiation: Opens you to Channel more powerfully and specifically. You are taught the ways to intentionally channel energy for beings or thing not in the physical presence of the initiate. It increases the amount of Seichim /Sekhem available to the practitioner, and allows a deeper, faster cleansing of the body, mind and spirit.
  3. Third Facet initiation: You will receive the 2 Master Symbols and Sounds. With these symbols as an added tool, a new intensity and power is added to the healing process for oneself and for others. 

Once the Student has received all the information from the Third Facet Master Teacher Training, he/she is empowered to initiate First, Second and Third Facets students.  He/she can replicate himself or herself and create other Third Facet Master Teachers.

=> It is at this point in the movement from Facet to Facet that the opportunity to choose to be a Teacher or continue for your own personal spiritual growth is offered. You may decide to experience all Facets and never teach preferring to use the energy and information or self-development and increased capacity to serves others by giving treatments. 

  1. The Fourth Facet initiation gives you a symbol and sound that allows you to empower objects and to access other dimensions. Most important this is Heart Chakra activation. 4th Facet Symbol is the “Magnifier Symbol” Unlike a human initiate, objects can be empowered with the intention of directing “Living Light Energy©” for a specific purpose.
  2. Fifth Facet initiation is The Sacred Sounds and Symbology of “Everlasting Light Energy” are conveyed. The manifestation of LOVE form the Heart Chakra through the Throat Center (Voice) come more easily. You are Empowered with a symbol and sound that shifts the opened energy of the heart upward into manifestation.
  3. Fifth Facet Grand Master Teacher – This initiation is your final and you are qualified to initiate, teach and certify students into the Master Teacher level. You will receive Initiation & manual, certificate templates plus training materials for teaching the Initiation for levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Grand Master Teacher.