Let Your Inner Child be Curious & Find Ways To Play With The Energy
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Bottle Reactions

Over the years we have often discussed how some of our clients struggle with the concept of an energy system and how it works.  Their questions are usually about:  “Why we don't we have labels on the bottles?” “What about allergies?”  Why did my bottle leak/break?” “Why did my bottle change colour?” “Why is my spray pump blocked?”  etc.

Whether you bath in them, have them leak, break and release their energy into the room or pumps blocking, you are getting exactly what you paid for: spiritual guidance and an opportunity to transform through the language and energy of colour.

Leaking bottles

If a bottle is leaking, pay attention to that colour/colours and the number of the bottle.  Feel for an interpretation and analysis of the bottle and use that to open a discussion with the client around what the issue is that needs to be noticed now.  Sometimes we are so deeply in fear and pain that we struggle to hear the voice of our soul trying to give us guidance, so it is fabulous that we have bottles to grab our attention and make us stop our busy lives and hear the communication of important information that will help us release issues and transform our lives. 

Popping bottles

The most radical way the bottles get attention is by bursting open.  When that happens, the bottle is not wasted as its purpose is to guide us and give us the next step forward.  We still get the energy – in fact, it comes in as a blast!  This means our soul is really trying to get our attention.  Look at the message of the bottle and its colours and open to what they are trying to tell you.

Colours changing

The most amazing thing the bottles do which cannot be rationally explained, is to change colour, and often they change into colours where there are no pigments present to create the new colour.  It is a kind of alchemy, as there is no scientific explanation for this.

There are no preservatives in these bottles, yet we have found that they can keep their colour for years, so we know that they are living energy.

Colour changes while in the postal system

Another experience which happens sometimes is that when we post a bottle, by the time it arrives with the client the colours have faded or changed.  It seems that the moment the decision is made by the human soul to open to the colour energy for healing, the commitment to transform begins its work.  Energy does not know about time and space, only the now moment.  So the bottle energy does not wait for the postal system to deliver it into your client’s hands to begin working with the issue, it begins in the moment the client makes the decision to heal.

Physical responses to using colour

The bottles are not able to harm anyone.  Only your own fears can harm you -what you are programmed to believe will 'harm' you.  If someone holds a cellular belief or programming that says they will be allergic to vegetable dyes or oil, they might have a reaction to the bottles as their fear pattern must respond and play the belief out.

In our experience the reactions are mostly emotional, mental and spiritual.  Sometimes the reactions to using the bottles result in something physical like skin rashes or headaches and then we know that this person is a healer who needed to 'see' or 'feel' the healing to believe it has happened.  Their soul played the game as it knew that they must have visual evidence of healing taking place.

  For others, their body may be trying to release and heal the issue through the skin or by shifting toxins out which can lead to headaches etc.  This is commonly known as a healing crisis.  As with any form of healing, drinking water and taking rest will help, but so will acknowledging the shifts and transformation taking place as we open up to let the body show us the way forward and allow the healing