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Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training

Colour Mirrors changed my life and it started when I took the Colour Mirrors Practitioner training.

Honestly, I wanted to be certified in Colour Mirrors so I could add a colour system to my current services, as a way to amp up the energy. We all know I love my sprays and essences😊.

When I started my training, I quickly realized Colour Mirrors is one powerful system!  I was wowed by what I was learning and couldn't wait to experience how the colour system was going to shift and up level my life.

Picture by Kathryn Dzsudsak

Colour Mirrors has brought a depth and knowing to my own Being that I had never known previously. How does that show up in my life?


  • Greater Self Love, Worth and Value,
  • Whole new space of compassion and love,
  • An understanding of why my life unfolded the way it has,
  • Deep clearing of my own stories that no longer serve me.


  • A deeper connection to my life purpose and soul’s expectations,
  • New ideas for prosperity and abundance,
  • Expansion of my psychic and intuitive gifts,
  • Creating new partnerships for business expansion,
  • Living in gratitude in a whole new way!

I am so excited to offer the training to you! Anyone can attend, no previous colour or therapy training needed.

The Colour Mirrors system can be used if you are a coach, consultant, small business owner, therapist or working in corporate. You can even start your own Colour Mirrors business in the new year.

When you are ready for powerful change, you are drawn to Colour Mirrors. 

The Course is 10 week /40 hours in length and includes:

  • Study the meanings of core 19 colours, including their positive and healing aspects
  • Discover the spiritual, mental, emotional & physical analysis of colour
  • Learn how each colour identifies unconscious patterns that limit our potential
  • Experience new chakra colours and learn why they are changing
  • Connect with the spiritual psychology of colour for in-depth analysis and transformation
  • Learn how to add colour skills to your business, practice and personal life
  • Ability to offer your first Colour Mirrors reading immediately.


At the completion of the class you will receive a Student Manualand Message in a Bottle Manual. Beautifully prepared and organized so information is easy to find. You will be prepared to offer your first session!

Interested? Please contact me.

Class Schedule

  • 2 hour assessment to establish your needs including a personal reading
  • 2 hour history and introduction to Colour Mirrors
  • 19 hours: 1 hour per colour (some colours need longer, some shorter study time)
  • 2 for chakra work: 1 hour for chakra colours changing and 1 for chakra balancing with bottles
  • 3 hours for learning how to conduct readings with colour bottles
  • 2 hours for business, including how the system can be integrated into existing practices

10 hours Research/Study/Practice/Homework will happen in-between lessons (flexible)

Total of 40 hours

Recommended guideline: lessons are 2 hours max per session, two sessions per week and complete the program in 10 weeks. This is flexible as there are times technology is an issue, or more time is needed in-between each colour to process what it brings up for you.

The course fee is $2050.00

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I am offering payment options too! 

If you would like a combination of cash, check and credit card or a weekly payment schedule, please contact me @ Debra.HubersParadis@gmail.com. We can figure out how to make this happen for you.

Payment in full prior to the 1st class is required.

I hope you join in the Colour Mirrors adventure which could be one of the most life enhancing decisions you have made!

Picture credit to Colour Mirrors Practitioner Kathryn Dzsudsak