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Colour Mirrors USA

About Colour Mirrors

Colour Mirrors, founded by Melissie Jolly in South Africa in 2001, uses coloured essential oils and essences as colour therapy. The system is used globally by complementary health and professional practitioners, spiritual teachers and colour therapists for personal and spiritual transformation.

Colour Mirrors is a dynamic and powerful system of over 100 bottles and essences which uses colour, energy and light as a way to identify, analyze, unlock and transform blocked energy and patterns and beliefs.  Colour is a vibration which the body resonates with in the subconscious mind and helps us make changes in our lives as has a direct effect on our energy body and bypasses the controlling conscious mind, which has been blocking or resisting issues.  Each bottle has it’s own meaning and own vibration and by being drawn to whichever bottle helps identify what is happening within ourselves and our lives by acting as a mirror. 

Colour is essentially an energy or vibrational tool for self awareness. In the Colour Mirrors system the language and vibrations of colour can be accessed through bottles of coloured oil and water. Each bottle and colour has a meaning and offers insights into areas of our lives that we feel are blocked or where we would like to increase our potential for a more abundant and joyful life.

"Colour Mirrors is a system that will make your life more colourful, abundant and fun! We help you see yourself more clearly in the mirror of colour and once you have acknowledged your own power and beauty, everything else will fall into place so that you can live a life of abundant joy." Melissie Jolly – Founder

Each colour choice you make is a mirror. Your personal colour choice will shine back to you the potential you hold, reminding you of your talents, gifts, personal power and the truth of the light that you are. At the same time your choices will reflect specific patterns of behaviour that could be subconsciously sabotaging love, health, happiness and abundance in your life.

This potent system consists of

  • 36 dual-coloured oils, including a range of planetary bottles, to en-lighten you on your path and support you as you travel.
  • 15 chakra bottles, including the 'new' higher vibrational colours to which our chakras are evolving.
  • 36 Gaia essences including new Gold, Platinum, Coral, Silver and Magenta rays which connect us with the “New Earth”.
  • 42 colour essence bottles which provide instant support in any situation as reflections of our own higher guidance.

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How Debra uses Colour Mirrors 

  • I personally use the oils and spritzer essences every day; they are an important part of my life! Do I 'need' them? No. Do I find them incredibly beneficial, useful and hugely enjoyable to have around? Yes!!!The Colour Mirrors bottles are instant, powerful support for the physical body.
  • I have a range of essences on my desk as I create, more by my bed, still more in other rooms to use as I feel drawn to them or to spray around the house, even in the garden. on my back deck or in my boat.
  • I carry at least two spritzer essences with me all the time; earning me the nickname “The Spritzer Lady”.
  • I use then after a shower as a body oil or bathing in either a part or full bottle as my body requests.
  • I have them out during the Sip and Colour and the Vision Dream Board Events. It is so interesting that even at the Sip and Colour event the dominant colour a person uses for their design almost always mirrors what is going on in their life.
  • Energy shifts - When the bottles are around, what often happens is that your energy shifts. Most people will experience a resolution or a sense of peace or calm or sometimes you can feel energy being transmitted to you through the bottles. There really is no end to the gifts you can receive from this beautiful system and it is one of the main reasons I love to share it.