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Reviews and Raves from my clients

This was a Rave Review from a new client 8-1-2020
The other day, someone asked me where I got my "creativity" from for all the writing I do.
There is not really a simple answer. In January, I took a creative writing class - and that helped. But - it wasn't a class where I had to write. It was a class where I learned to think in new patterns.
One way I trigger new patterns is by taking myself on a date once a month (and let's be honest, nobody else is taking me on any 🤣🤣 ) to do something new, learn something new, see something new and feel something new.
Because of this group, I met an exceptional woman, Debra Hubers-Paradis. She invited me to a mini session with her colors. I decided she was "my date" for this month (although I thought it was July...so, she is actually my July date)
You guys. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO ON A DATE for yourself with Debra. She is calming energy, a powerful storm, a moment of silence, and an eye of insight and a voice of focus.
I have never heard of the work she does, but I am so overwhelmingly grateful she reached out to me. I am a lifetime client (and I literally spent 1 hour with her). She is a gift.
So - two lessons.
If you are stuck - take yourself on a date. I have gone for coffee and ordered something new, I have gone cherry-picking (alone), I have had Reiki sessions, had cards read, painted, gone roller skating, gone on hikes, bike rides and taken myself out for appetizers at places with beautiful views.
If you want to explore a new way of thinking, call Debra Hubers-Paradis - If you are local, you can visit her studio. If you are not, she can work with you over the phone.
And that is all for today.
And it is how I am celebrating Saturday.
Emily Cross Brentwood, Ca
Angels and Dragons Class Review

This weekend Debra taught a Colour Mirrors class. We learned about the Angel Spritzers and Dragon Spritzers. These delightfully scented, all natural essences will take you to another level. Using them helps you identify and move through the challenges in your life with greater ease. I love all of them, but am especially drawn to the Lilac fragrances now. Thank you Debra for another amazing class! July 2017


The morning of the Angels and Dragons class there was so much going on to the point where I felt I was not going to be able to attend this class. Debra Hubers-Paradis kept her faith in me.. sent Archangel Metratron Spritzer support for me along with the class holding the intention for me to find my way to attending... The love and positive energy made a way for me and I am so Thankful for that for this class was much needed for me.. Everything that does not serve me is getting removed making a way for what serves me only. Everyone is on there own timing.. This was my time❤️  E. Jackson Oakland, C January 2018



Next Step To Prosperity Class Review

Just two days after participating in the prosperity class,
I received a lovely floral arrangement from a friend, and a $50.00 cash bonus from a client! Both arrived at my doorstep yesterday and a direct result of working on my relationship with money! Sending much Gratitude to both Debra and Vickie.
Jill-Fremont, Ca 2017

A client's daughter got a spider bite around the eye area and it was totally swollen shut. She had her daughter look at the box of roll on oils and ask her Angels which one would be the most helpful. She picked # 7 Serenity (light Blue). The message for this bottle was "This is a go to first aid bottle to calm nerves, create peace and cultivate serenity." It cools in the heat and in the heat of the moment. It also really helps with any irritations - including insect bites, burns and petty arguments.

Key notes are peppermint and chamomile for calming and creating awareness and clarity. Shortly after the swelling was greatly improved. This are quite magical.


“I was so scattered, knew I wasn’t in my body, had all kinds of ascension symptoms and basically not functional. Debra started running the energy and I could feel myself get grounded. In fact my voice had a radical shift, from lifeless to one coming from my soul. All of this within 15 minute on the phone. It truly is a testament to the level of deep work Debra is doing!” Stephanie – August 2016


The Colour Mirrors work is the deepest and most profound work I’ve ever experienced in two decades. It is soul level work that delivers clear and precise messages. For me I learned what I am here to do, what is blocking me from that work and the next steps I need to take. I thought I knew, but no - this Information is beyond the “third dimension”, it comes from higher realms where the bigger picture is known.

Thank you for an amazing Workshop and Angel Reading..... Jill - Fremont, CA September 2015


Thanks again for the session this morning, it was great and I reached some very helpful insights. Also I felt a lot better after working with you and the Colour Mirrors! .....K. P. - NC, October 2015


I love coming to see Debra. I always feel so at home each time I come for a Colour Mirrors reading. The space that she holds is very nurturing and healing. The messages from the bottles that come through are always what I needed to hear that day and given with Divine timing. All the Colour Mirrors bottles are so beautiful and I can't get seem to enough of watching my recent message bottle purchase sparkle each time I use it. I appreciate the work you do Debra. Thank you for being on my path.....Elissa - San Jose, CA, October 2015


WOW! I am amazed at how spot on my reading with Debra was today with the Colour Mirrors bottles. 

Every bottle I chose completely resonated and was a validation of what I have been thinking and feeling. I felt very comfortable, safe and nurtured being with her. Debra is filled with love and joy and just being in her presence is calming. I was also impressed with how naturally adept she is at this work. I left feeling much more clear about what my next steps are and what I need to do to reach my goals in life and to achieve more Joy. I highly recommend a Colour Mirrors session with Debra....Lauren W., Los Gatos, CA, October 2015


 I purchased the box of Jasper healing oils, and in just a few short days I noticed many different things . I used #7 for my lip that has helped it heal in 2 days.

I am also using them with my Reiki distance and last night (without knowing) I was drawn to #1 which was about love ❤️. Today's service was about loving yourself. Truly magical!!❤️ I love them

Vickie January 2017 


Wow, Debra, I have been using Archangel Metatron Spritzer everyday this week and I feel it was Metatron assisting me in letting go some of the baggage this past week.  I love and recognize that wonderful smell.  Metatron, was also helpful in folding time and allowing me not to feel overwhelmed with the Christmas Rush. 

Vickie D. December 2017


Fall Harvest

Sunday Debra Hubers-Paradis and I met for a visit. We were going to visit and have brunch. But it’s always interesting when getting together with Debra, spirit kicks in and sometimes redirects (which is fine with me because it is always a fun adventure). I didn’t know our unseen spiritual friends and friends of friends were rolling up their sleeve and about to put us to work. We began talking about the Colour Mirrours bottle I purchased awhile back. The G11 Generosity (Pale Coral over Pale Gold) is not only beautiful to look at but contains pure magic. We admired the bottle for a while and then sprayed ourselves with the Gold Dragon. The Gold Dragon contains essences that help moves mountains, and assists with rich and abundant possibilities. It also activates the ability to see clearly. A good tool to support the G11 and process of conscious manifesting.

This was not a planned event, but we like to play with our guides and the guides led us on a quick house tour. My guest bedroom was walk in closet for me and I was embarrassed for her to see the bed - which was piled high with boxes of shoes and clothes that don’t fit in the closet. There was also an ironing board piled with clean but wrinkled clothes ( those only get ironed on a “as needed” basis). Debra spontaneously began reading the energy in the room and analyzed my office was facing this cluttered room. My master bedroom was also facing this cluttered room. The problem was, I was not facing the blocked energy created by my clutter and directly effects the energy flowing around my business and personal life.

To get further information we then we did a short angle card reading and the purpose of our visit started coming together. Debra’s visit was all about the Fall Harvest; abundance, love, joy and generosity.

This kicked my butt. The G11 Bottle Generosity is a powerful combination that connect us to Divine Creations –“if you are perfectly aligned with your Divine Self you can create anything”. In my case, I would be more aligned and the energy could better flow in my life if I would generously donate the things I do not use (but cling tightly on to anyway). All this unfolding put me in in the Now Moment-which is where I needed to be to look at and release my excessive spending sprees of the past, bless and release - lovingly donate.

Once those items were removed I was so proud of the work,
I took a photo.

Who would think the power of the energy work we did could be spontaneously demonstrated though a cell phone photo. Giving Thanks to Debra and Thanksgiving to The Fall Harvest.   Jill - Fremont, CA 2016


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