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Yellow/Gold Pearl

Yellow/Gold Pearl

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Yellow/Gold Pearl

Every bit of traditional value is indicated by this pearl. Humans value pearls and gold and the combination brings us to why they have value. Gold is the colour of enlightenment and yellow is the colour of joy - and Ascension is a by-product of joy. There is no other or quicker way to lift the vibration on the planet and within ourselves than to find joy. 

The only way into heaven is like a small child and what a small child has that we have lost is a state of wonder with all that exists. This pearl asks that we find that place inside ourselves where there is constant awe at the totally miraculous state of the Universe. From the tiniest cell busily carrying out a perfect little cycle of life to everything that happens in our lives, the people we meet and the events that occur, everything is a total miracle and all of it deserves our awe.  

When we begin to look at the world through the eyes of childlike amazement we will find that bubble of joy inside at the total blind luck that brought us to this life and this world.  When we begin to feel that joy we set up a vibration that will eventually touch everyone and everything around us and then they will feel and spread that feeling.

In the end, by just loving each moment we will find that we have shifted the planet right into the next dimension.