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White Pearl

White Pearl

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White Pearl

Here is the new light we have been waiting for that we have seen in our visions of the future - a light that would permeate the planet and shine into every dark corner and bring light into the darkness that has held the earth in thrall through many ages.  

The White Pearl is the core of white hot light at the centre of the galaxy, emanating intense light and power with infinite softness.  It reminds us that we are whole and complete, needing nothing beyond our own light source and that in our acceptance of our own light, we add exponentially to the light of the planet and beyond.  This is the pearl that reflects our truest self, the glittering white light that shimmered us into existence as it lowered its vibration into physicality. 

Deep in the deepest centre of ourselves, we have polished this little pearl with every experience we have endured, enjoyed and suffered through. Every experience was created by our highest self to bring this pearl back to its true state of preciousness. It brings us back to who we really are, the pearls in the crown of the Christ energy.