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Violet Flame Created Special

Violet Flame Created Special

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Violet Flame Special bottle is a special that is specially made for me and my teaching of a 2 hour Violet Flame Class on line or in person in Northern California.

Upon spritzing the Violet Flame its shimmery, effervescence will sprinkle down upon you and surround your auric field with its loving energy. This bottle has been specially made for this training and is not part of the Colour Mirror’s Healing System.

This essence permeates every cell and atom of your body, mind, emotion, memory and spirit, transmuting anything that is less than the highest vibration of love and light.  I am the key to the ever present now and conscious creation. The Violet Flame is a miraculous spiritual energy that blazes through your heart center and cannot help but blaze outward, bringing you tenderness, relief, forgiveness, freedom, expansion and spiritual transformation.   

I am the Violet Flame.  I am the Divine Flame of love, compassion, healing and transmutation. I am also known as the Flame of Forgiveness, a miraculous spiritual energy and a key to humanity’s ascension and awakening.