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Turquoise Pearl

Turquoise Pearl

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This glowing Turquoise Pearl speaks of freedom – freedom in your heart, freedom in your mind, freedom in your body. Its sparkling glow brings inspiration, insight and expansion. With its fresh, vibrant energy it encourages you to go beyond your usual thoughts, patterns and behaviors and try something new.

This bottle helps you keep your creative channels open and holds a powerful light of support for your creative projects so that you can bring them to completion.

The Turquoise Pearl brings joy into your creations so that you can fully enjoy the process without worrying about the outcome: this is the pure joy of creating for its own sake. Yet it also has global connotations and relates to the new era unfolding on the earth, with a sense of bringing to fruition plans and projects which will benefit the planet and humanity as a whole. If an idea comes to you while connecting with this bottle, follow it up. It may just be bigger than you think. This is finally the turquoise we have been waiting for to take us fully into the Age of Aquarius and all that implies: a higher vibration of global contentedness and the solutions we need for the challenges facing humanity and the earth at this time.

The pearls take us to a higher vibration than we have experienced before, and now we can easily see all the light and blissful aspects of their colours.

Turquoise brings such ease and flow that panic and fear simply have no meaning any more. Faith and trust become the only way forward.