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The Colour Mirrors 'Kids' mini-chakra sets

The Colour Mirrors 'Kids' mini-chakra sets

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Feature - CM Kids Creator and Founder, Gilly Ball
"While working with my mom, Melissie Jolly on Colour Mirrors for the last four years, and as a single mother of a delicious six year old, I noticed a gap in the market for a kids therapy range.

In our little village there are a number of wonderfully bright children who just don’t respond to mainstream education, or don’t fit into the boxes we have as a society. I think this is a common issue around the globe with these wonderfully sensitive children being born on a fairly chaotic planet.

This tool is designed to allow children to communicate their feelings and who they are without using words. Children respond so readily to colour as it’s a language they easily understand. So essentially what it does is provide parents, teachers and councillors with a way to enable children to feel heard and us to understand where they are. And its fun. My child loves it, I’m sure yours will too" - Gilly Ball

The Colour Mirrors 'Kids' mini-chakra sets.  Colour Therapy for Children are a must-have for parents, teachers, therapists and anyone needing to connect with their inner child!

They are made up of the same 8 mini roll-top bottles as the mini-chakra sets for adults but with an additional super colour cardboard sleeve to appeal to kids and information
on the back about which emotion each of the bottles relates to for a quick, handy guide
for kids and their parents or teachers.

We loving refer to these as Mom's magic kiss in a bottle, as they can help with anything from a sore finger to a sore heart.   By choosing the colour they want the child is empowered and it allows the child to feel seen and heard with out having to verbalize it.  Something we all need.  There are endless uses for this set and we encourage you to feel what works best for you and your darlings.  Please use with love and common sense. 

This is not a medical product and it requires compassion to kickstart the magic. 

Children relate instinctively to colour and often respond quickly and positively to the energies of the bottles. They can choose whichever colour is calling them most then
roll the oil directly from the bottle into hands, palms, feet or on to the body. Small and portable they are ideal for beside the bed, popped in a school bag or for a bath-time treat. 

Client Reviews:

My daughter is loving and enjoying her Kids Charka set. Erica, Ca

My Nephew is loving his Kids Chakra set it is assisting him to express his feelings.
Erica, Ca

My Great Niece is loving the yellow ( for concentration) she rolls on to her forehead and heart area to assist her with studying.  DHP, CA