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Colour Mirrors USA
#2 Special Dragons CM Order only through Debra, Katie Moore or Lisa Albertson

#2 Special Dragons CM Order only through Debra, Katie Moore or Lisa Albertson

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Special Colour Mirrors Dragons

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1. Platinum Dragon/ Created a few years back I believe
...now then. This feels like Merlin energy. And at the same time from the future. So, Platinum Dragon is Magic from our past, present and future. This dragon reminds us to connect, create and use our alchemy to claim our true I Am. That is the We Am and We Are Magical Beings of Light.
2. Lemurian Dragon /Created by Lisa Chamine Albertrson

 I am the high-vibrational Lemuiran Dragon. I am both Divine masculine and Divine feminine energy. My deep turquoise colour represents water and air elements, allowing me to communicate through intuitive, heart-centred vibrations. My tail is all the rainbow’s colours, allowing me to access every colour and its healing properties when needed.

I carry the Light codes and Light language from Lemuria. I am here at this monumental moment to support Gaia and humanity in raising their vibrations from 3D to 5D.

Use my essence to tap into your third eye chakra and activate your intuitive abilities. I remove any thoughts of doubt, control, fear, or anxiety and move you into faith, trust, flow, and heart-centered energy.

Call on me to offer you Lemurian Dragon healing. I bring the calm, soothing feeling and scent of the refreshing ocean misty air. Give all your worries and stresses to me to wash away and clear. It is done.

3. Starseed Unicorn Dragon"/Co-created by Katie Moore and Debra Hubers Paradis
The energy is similar to the royal blue night sky with Pearlized White shown on the left. This is a cross between Yeshua and Melchizedek. Its frequency is ethereal, vast and limitless like the Divine Feminine and assists you in connecting with all of your starry incarnations

4. Lyran Sophia Pearlized Dragon / Co created by Katie Moore and Debra Hubers Paradis  This Dragon Feels feather angelic bird-like energy like clear smoke