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Third Facet Seichem initiation

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Third Facet initiation: Master Facet Symbol

This level finds the Initiate in receipt of the Master Symbols and Sounds.

  • With these symbols as an added tool, a new intensity and power is added to the healing process for oneself and for others.
  • As a choice of the initiate, master teacher ceremonies are taught by the Seichim /Sekhem Master Teacher.
  • This enables the initiate to pass the ability on to others and empowers you to the fullest capacity thus far.
  • 3rd Facet symbol is the “Master Facet Symbol” in which you are taught the two master symbols & sounds.

At the Third Facet level, you will find that your personal growth speeds up dramatically, clearing imbalances, breaking through blockages, & rearranging behavior patterns. You will also notice a great increase in your healing abilities of self and others.

This level opens the door to very exciting and rewarding experiences. In effect, to refer to the stereo analogy the volume of energy is turned to its highest decibel rating, ten of a possible ten.

It is at this point in the movement from Facet to Facet that the opportunity to choose to be a Teacher or continue for your own personal spiritual growth is offered. You may decide to experience all Facets and never teach preferring to use the energy and information or self-development and increased capacity to serves others by giving treatments. This is a satisfying productive choice. At any time in the future, should the practitioner decide to teach, the teacher information is always available.

The fee for Third Facet initiation is $1044.00
Includes Initiation & manual plus certificate. Optional training materials and information for teaching the Initiation for levels 1, 2, 3 only).

Once the Student has received all the information from the Third Facet Master Teacher Training, he/she is empowered to initiate First Second and Third Facets students. He/she can replicate himself or herself and create other Third Facet Master Teachers.

The training is from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Discovery Bay, CA

Prerequisites: Reiki 1 & 2, First Facet Initiation and Second Facet Initiation.