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Sacred Women Class - Oct 21

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Sacred Women
Access your Spiritual Female Power
We are gathering to consciously connect with the Sacred Women who help us turn our visions into reality, they help us create through grace and beauty.
In the Colour Mirrors system founded by Melissie Jolly, several references are made to powerful females in our history, some are saints, goddesses, deities or nature divas.
There are 5 powerful divine females that reside in the realms of your higher consciousness:
Mary Magdalene - Mother Mary - Quan Yin
Gaia - Our Rose Gold Lady
They are here to support you, heal you and guide you.
Can you feel them calling you?
Are you in?
Monday, October 21 | 9:30 – 11:30 am
Join me for a 2-hour class to meet, learn about and practice how to harness the power of the 5 divine females and the 6 corresponding archangels.
CJ attended this class in July and said this about it, 
"Thank you, Debra, for presenting Sacred Women Class today! It was the most amazing. There were five powerful Sacred Women that attended, and we anchored in the Four Directions, invoked the support of the Colour Mirrors energy systems and called upon our intuition to help us focus on specific areas we are individually are working on. Special healing stones were selected during the ceremony that were found to be linked to individuals' needs very specifically. The class was so very magical."
LOCATION - Beautiful, waterfront location in Discovery Bay
Once you have registered I will send you the address.
COST - $35.00
CLASS - Limited to 8 participants
Celebrate and connect deeper with your inner divine feminine power with the support of the beautiful colours and essences in the Colour Mirrors system.