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Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl

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Pink Pearl
This Pearl is only love. It is the Divine love that created the Universe. It is the love that created you. It is everything we can imagine perfect love would look like and it is like nothing we have ever experienced before.

This planet has known in its depth that we could have this love, but our human bodies are not used to it or even able to feel anything that it tries to give us. Up to this point we have learned what love is not as we have pretended to be creatures of duality but that is not our real truth. We have been part of the One from the beginning and it took all our imagination to pretend for all this time that we were not that.

This bottle exists to remind us that it is time to come out if the closet - out and proud. We begin to look foolish when we try and keep pretending that we are not incredible beings of pure unconditional love. This is so foreign that it might feel really uncomfortable to begin to feel it again but persevere, because that is why we incarnated at this time. We are the bodies that are able to hold this vibration and we are asked to walk that around the planet. We can no longer not.

The Pink Pearl is the new level of love we can experience when we see the truth about ourselves. It touches the innermost core of our innocent self, our starchildself, our pure radiant love-self. The Pink Pearl is the pearl of preciousness at the centre of every being and helps us remember the perfect light we came from.