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Modern Day Reiki Master Teacher TBD

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Modern Day Reiki Master Teacher Level TBD

1-day Class, TBD , 9:00 - 5:00 pm

Prerequisites are Level 1 & Level 2 Reiki and 3a Reiki Master Therapist

  • Acquiring Reiki Teacher Level Reiki is the most transformational step, as it allows for your expanded awareness of Reiki as a spiritual practice. .
  • You are taught the last of the sacred and secret symbols.
  • This level, also assists with raising your personal vibration to an even higher level.
  • You have the option of sharing and Teaching this powerful tools to other. .

During your training you will learn how to perform a procedure of Empowerment. You will be connected to a Balanced, Harmonizing, and Healing “Universal Life Energy.

  • Learn an additional Master Symbol
  • Reiki Master Attunement
  • Review Dowsing Rods and chakras
  • Learn how to teach and give all the Reiki attunement ceremonies
  • Reiki students practice giving attunements on other students
  • Review the how to’s for the business
  • How to teach all the levels of Reiki

Fee - $1260.00 - Payment option - Cash $1222.00. Includes All electronic Manuals, Students and teachers + handouts, Teacher Certificate


I just completed Reiki 3a two-day class with Debra and Katherine in Discovery Bay.  I had a wonderful experience and really appreciate Debra’s incorporating the Colour Mirrors with Reiki.  It brings learning Reiki to a whole new level and reinforces the information.  Katherine is a fantastic teacher and brings so much insight with her psychic abilities.  I highly recommend taking this class with Debra and Katherine!
Keena, San Jose, CA

I highly recommend Debra to support you to move forward with renewed clarity, love and ease in your life. I left with a renewed excitement for my life. After my session I felt pampered, and ready to take on anything!! I am looking forward to seeing her again soon! Casey Quist Antioch, Ca