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Merlin - 2nd of 3 Helpers for 2022

Merlin - 2nd of 3 Helpers for 2022

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89 Merlin  2nd of 3 Helpers for 2022

So What happened around February 24th of 2022?

Melissie Jolly created 3 new helpers to assist us with these challenging times: Melchezideck, Merlin and Quan-Yin in the form of the dual bath bottles were birthed. 

Merlin was the 2nd helper. Merlin  brings magic, ancient earth wisdom and transformation on all levels.

He is a gateway between the old magic and the new magic.

He is the reminder of what we have always known but have forgotten. (And yes, I was surprised to find him there as well.)

This works well with a Special Creation CM  Merlin Spritzer (see message in a bottle under spritzers.)