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Meet you Guardian Dragon

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 Meet your Guardian Dragon!

Today you will meet your personal Guardian Dragon and go home with a new power totem.

 Your guardian Dragon is here to help you. It’s time now to call on them to Clear Shadows, Bring Clarity & Get Things Done!

Strength, courage and fortitude along with balance and magic are what Dragon energy brings to your life.

With Debra Hubers Paradis – Colour Mirrors Alchemist & Vickie Davis - Soul Drawings

Debra and Vickie are combining their brilliance to give you a new tool that possibly could change your life.

Colour Mirrors helps you find your Guardian Dragon and a Soul Drawing brings it to life!

  • First you will discover your Dragon Essence from the Colour Mirrors Dragon Spritzers.
  • Vickie will magically colour a dragon that will be your new power totem.
  • Mini readings from both Vickie & Debra.
  • High Vibration Meditation that will help you connect to your Dragon.
  • Complete the training with a Transmission of Divine Grace, “Oneness Blessing”.

 BONUS – You will choose a small crystal from the grab bag that will amplify the energy.

Using the Dragon energy to support you is an extraordinary experience. The Dragon’s common messages are strength, courage and fortitude along with balance and magic.  They are the rulers of all the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind. Dragon Spritzers will be available to purchase so you can bring their energy everywhere you go!

WHEN: Sunday, March 25

TIME:    10:45 - 2:00 PM

COST:  $77.00              

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: Debra @ 408-836-8908

WHERE: Private Residence in Discovery Bay, CA

Isn’t it time to meet your Guardian Dragon?