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#1 Magical Beings Special Colour Mirrors Spritzers by Katie Moore

#1 Magical Beings Special Colour Mirrors Spritzers by Katie Moore

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Magical Beings

Created By Katie Moore

By Special Orders only Through Katie or Debra or your Practitioner in USA

Specials Retail $64.50. ----Practitioner Rate $54.50 ------US Dollars Each

1. Pink Unicorn        Pink Angel Colour + Pearlized
The Unicorns bring that loving Angelic Energy with lots of magic
and miracles. Allow their energy to raise your vibration quickly with ease and grace

2. Elves                     Raphael Green Colour + Pearlized
The Elves bring forth oneness and connection through your limitless nature. Spray this essence and feel the humanness disappear allowing your energy to merge

3. Fairy                    Blue Angel Colour + Pearlized
The Fairy brings playfulness and fun to your life where you need to "lighten up." Their magic works with your inner child and brings childhood joy, wonder and play back into your life.

4. Gnome               Earth Element Colour + Pearlized
Gnomes work with Gaia to go deep within your energy through your roots. They remove & shift through the blocks needing to be shifted quickly. Moving them down & out of your energy to be transmuted into higher vibrations by Gaia. This essence works great with /Dragon & Gaia energies.
Let's talk about Gnomes. The first time Katie felt Gnomes come in, she felt so much ticklish energy on her ankles. It was crazy AND magical

5. Mermaid           Seafoam Green Colour + Pearlized

The Merbeings come to us with love, acceptance, and understanding. Allow their energy to assist you in releasing built-up emotions and judgement.

They help clear the throat chakra so that youcan speak your truth and live life as your true authentic self. Our clients can feel their energy going and wrap around blocks & quickly yanking them out.
Katie and I just adore them!!

6. Leprechaun      Lime Green Colour + Sparkles

He brings Abundance and Magic and Miracles and Prosperity and Rainbow Energy.
Bringing this into the material world

7. Merlin             Violet Flame Purple Colour + Sparkles
Merlin represents the great old sage-wizard archetype He is known as a powerful magician, spiritual teacher and psychic visionary who helped King Arthur. Merlin assists in awakening the magic within and awakening the Merlin within!