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Lilac Pearl

Lilac Pearl

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Lilac Pearl:

Here is the softness of lilac, where all the difficulties of violet are eased. Grief, sadness, heaviness – all can be released now in the gentle, holding peace of the Lilac Pearl.

Here is a new space for your spirit to reside: a tender, enfolding, nurturing space to rest, recuperate and replenish. Here everything is still, peaceful and silent. This is a time to just ‘be’ in the quiet and allow your spirit to be restored. If you feel stressed, fraught or agitated, this bottle guides you into a calm, peaceful state where you can feel the connection with your spirit again and remember the bigger picture.

Lilac is the ray of magic, and this Pearl helps you access the purest vibration of magic and manifestation. It holds the key to manifesting cleanly, easily and clearly.