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Green Pearl

Green Pearl

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Green Pearl

The Green Pearl is the new heart - our true power centre, more powerful than the brain in knowing who we are. It opens up a new space inside us for more love, more generosity, more gentleness. It paves the way for an authentic heart, an open mind, a clear space from which to love and be loved. In the pale shimmery green we begin to feel the vibration of an entirely new light.

This is the light that will create our new green planet, where each and every living breathing creature will be safe and abundant. This new planet is created as humans heal their hearts and with healed hearts we will birth the new earth. This green space is what we have been promised as the new age. On this new earth there will be no fear and no judgement. There will be no wars, no poverty, no crime, no need to endlessly go on about who is right. No good and no evil. Duality stopped in its tracks as the oneness will be known in every cell of everyone.

While this soft shimmery green softens and expands our heart, our soul has a different perception. It sees the complementary colour, the bright shiny red which tells us that to get to our new planet we first have to be completely grounded, entirely in our bodies and completely in love with what is. The earth exists to give us the most exquisite experience of bliss, if only we look through the eyes of our soul, expand our heart and let every cell in our body fall in love with itself and its vibrant life force.

This bottle calls us to let every cell shimmer with love for itself and every other cell around it and then let it expand and fall in love with every cell of the earth and everything upon it, every star in every galaxy. Now we realise that it is all one stuff. It is all alive and vibrant and without any mistakes. It is all perfect.