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G7 - Gaia and The Elohim

G7 - Gaia and The Elohim

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58. G7 - Gaia and The Elohim (Pale Copper / Clear)

This is where we start to live our spirituality on the planet, This bottle says you do not have to choose between being spiritual and materially abundant. you can be both. . 

We are the vessel through which Gaia and the Elohim are able to communicate and holding these two energies will feel strange until we are used to it. 

This bottle will be chosen by people who have gone through enormous spiritual growth and who may have battled to remain grounded in the process.  As we realize that the light of the Creator is within us we also begin to see that in all beings and in the earth. 

This is about claiming our deep connection to the earth and the love and light of the mother that has nurtured us up to this point when she is ready to ascend and in her ascension will take us with her.