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G29 - Children of the Light

G29 - Children of the Light

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80. G29 - Children of the Light (Silver / Turquoise)

This bottle is for anyone who has ever found life on earth a challenge, struggled to express who they are or felt a deep inner yearning for "home".

This bottle takes us beyond the need to get caught up in emotion as a means to play out the dramas in our lives. Now we can become an open vessel to allow, feel and express our feelings in the lightest and most genuine way.

This soft gentle combination perfectly mirrors the energy of benevolence, warm warmheartedness and loving kindness that will create peace on the new earth.

It is for all the children of the stars who have gifted us with their light so that earth might transcend her lower dimensional frequency and assist humanity to do the same.

The silver cord links us to heaven and all the beings we have been and are still to be.

The turquoise supports us in accepting all of those aspects of ourselves with total trust and acceptance that it has always been and will always be perfect.