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G10 -  Impeccability

G10 - Impeccability

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61. G10 -  Impeccability (Pale Gold / Blue Lilac)

Impeccability means accepting and honoring every aspect of who you are and being clear and honest with yourself, It is not about living up to a false standard of perfection, rather it is about seeing the perfection that already exists.

The blue/lilac says we speak our spirit and if that is what we are doing we have to be ever vigilant of our words. They have to be impeccable - we cannot use our words as weapons or instruments of manipulation. We have to speak with incredible integrity as we now know without a shadow of a doubt that everything we say will be made manifest.

This bottle reconnects us to what we believe about the masculine side of the Creator and therefore the masculine side of ourselves as the Creator.

It will bring incredible peace and put one into the silence and the stillness where the voice of inspiration within can be accessed.