Let Your Inner Child be Curious & Find Ways To Play With The Energy
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Explore Your Inner Child  A Unique 5 Week Wednesdays coming soon

Explore Your Inner Child A Unique 5 Week Wednesdays coming soon

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        Explore Your Inner Child

A Unique Consecutive 5-week workshop

We will take a deep dive into self-exploration utilizing the Colour Mirror's Healing System to explore your Inner Child while embracing other vibrational healing modalities:

Colour Mirror Essences, Sacred Geometry, Numerology,
           Astrology and EFT Tapping

5 consecutive weeks, 2 hours each session

Total = 10 hours plus a personal integration follow up session

Benefits: of participating in the series:

  1. Creating more joy,creativity along with playfulness and peace
  2. Cultivating more a balanced life: mentally,emotionally,physically,spiritually
  3. Experience and living more win-win relationships and deeper friendships
  4. Ponder on what you were like as a child and what you liked or disliked.

Cost $275

Location: Discovery Bay, CA

Held in a beautiful private residence on the water

Registration: DebrasEnergyPoints.com

Seating is limited 5 – Please register in advance

Times: Available Days, Evenings or Weekends beginning in March 2020

Every Wednesday  for 2 hours for 5 consecutive weeks also Days, Evenings or Weekends are available upon request.

Begin March 25th, April 1st, skip 8th ,15th, 22nd,29th and one 30 min follow up that will be individually scheduled.

Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Refreshments are provided

Attendees that sign up for my workshops are welcomed into my home to relax and enjoy a tranquil setting on the water.  I am told it is a perfect backdrop for conducting healing workshops. 

We will gather in a unique sacred space I call my “sanctuary room”, a place where you can lighten-up and put things behind you for awhile.  You will be surrounded by a magical rainbow wall of colored bottles known as the Colour Mirrors Healing System, along with magical crystals, salt lamps and more.   

Come join me for a cup of tea before the workshop starts.  Let’s make new friends, mingle with like-minded people and strike up conversations with the other participants before we journey into the Inner Child Course. This has been my passion for over 30 years.