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Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl

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Blue Pearl

This bottle is about each of us awakening to our true Christed self with the ability to manifest and create with our words. When we look at this bottle with the eyes of our soul it becomes the complementary colour, the bright orange of the sacral chakra which is where our blocks to manifesting reside. 

This is where we have created a collection of negative memories and stories about everything we are not, cannot be and are not allowed. Jesus said: “You are healed” and because he said it, it was so. We are all able to do that if we utterly, truly believe that our words are always true.

First though, we have to clear out the ancient dark dungeon of old rubbish that we have carried with us through each lifetime and this bottle will help us find the courage to do that so we might find our true pearl of great price. Our true self.  Our truth and our voice and our power.  We have to go into that place where we somehow at some stage started covering up our Divine selves and started believing the lie about ourselves that we were only human, less than perfect and deeply flawed. If we stop being people of the lie, and become people of the truth, we will all be able to do that.  

This bottle reveals to us the potential for a sacral chakra where all the stories are removed and we actually discover its true functions of creativity and manifestation.  

When we make peace with our Divine nature, the Blue Pearl gives us a new voice to speak our light into being and connect us with the serenity of the angels and the stillness of the ocean.  This Pearl creates and calls into being.  It expands and deepens our connections with the vast field of communication that exists beyond our limited human understanding and takes us out into the vast infinite blue yonder where anything is possible.