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44.  Archangel Gabriel   (Blue Lilac / West / Water)

44. Archangel Gabriel (Blue Lilac / West / Water)

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Archangel Gabriel / Blue-Lilac / West / Water

Call on Archangel Gabriel if you are struggling or facing a gateway in your life and know that everything is on track.    

I am Gabriel and my colour is blue-lilac, the colour of the Gateway. I am the angel of the West and represent the element of Water.

I herald in the new and am here to show you a new way. The path you have been on is not taking you anywhere and you have been walking in circles.

I am here to show you, to take your hand, to lead you through a new gateway.

I am here to announce that the old ways are done. This is when peace, abundance and joy become your new experience. I bring you to a new dawn, the dawning of a new age - the age of Aquarius.