Let Your Inner Child be Curious & Find Ways To Play With The Energy
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Accessing your Core Essence with Colour Mirrors

Accessing your Core Essence with Colour Mirrors

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Use the power and energy of the Colour Mirrors system to reconnect to your core essence and your inner child.  Your reading will include the selection of 4 - 6 Dual Colored bottles. Whether you are seeking deeper spirituality, financial freedom, business success or relationship healing, each colour choice you make reflects your highest potential.

During the session, we will explore the meaning of each bottle and how to apply the wisdom for the break through your core essence desires.  This reading will have you feeling refreshed, open to new possibilities and ready to take inspired action.

What takes place in Accessing your Core Essence session?

  1. We start with Tea Time (if via Skype bring your cup to the session). This time allows us to start grounding ourselves in the present moment. 
  2. If in person we take a photo of you on your phone or I will have you take a selfie.
  3. I check your chakras with the divine rod to see that they are balanced and if not then we will choose one of the Colour Mirrors essential oil spritzers to assist with that process and recheck the chakras.
  4. Next we sit in front of the Colour Mirrors Bottles and breathe their energies in.
  5. We take a few deep breaths and we ask for our Teachers, and Angels to come forth.
  6. We set a positive intention and meditate for a few moments on whatever it is that we are wanting to have more clarification, confirmation or a particular direction needed.
  7. You then open your eyes and take a look at all the dual coloured message bottles and one will pop out for you.  This begins the process.
  8. From there you will select between 4-6 Colour Mirrors bottles.
  9. We will then dive into the meaning of each bottle and how to implement the guidance the bottles provide.
  10. I will take another picture of you or have you take a selfie and we will discuss the changes.
  11. We end the session with Tea Time to re-ground and integrate.
  12. Total time I ask people to allot 15 minutes on each side for preparation and integration in addition to the hour session.
  13. This is like peeling away the leaves of the Artichoke to get to the Heart of your "Inner Child."
  14. You will feel refreshed and see new possibilities!
  15. Bottles are available for purchase to take home to assist you on your journey.

In Person or Remote /Skype Service | 60 minute session.