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#8 Variety of Asscended Master Duals, Plus Spritzer Essences and Shadow Work bottles

#8 Variety of Asscended Master Duals, Plus Spritzer Essences and Shadow Work bottles

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Variety of Special CM

Ascended Master Dual's Plus Spritzer Essences and Shadow Assistance Bottles

Created Jointly by

Moira Bush Teacher_Canada
& Melissie Jolly

By Special Orders only Through Katie or Debra or your Practitioner in the USA

Specials Retail $64.50. ----Practitioner Rate $54.50 ------US Dollars Each

  1. Mother Mary          Mother Mary Pearl  Dual                                        

The Colour is Blue W/ Pearlized  White

Mother Mary, appears when you are attracting the highest vibrational teachers and ready to fully forgive your shadow. Mary will help you recognize that a nurtured shadow becomes a healed shadow. Your tears can heal the world and as your divine mother, Mary will be there to wipe them away.Mother Mary has been depicted in art as wearing a blue cloak over her white dress robes. In this pearl bottle the colours express the strength of her blue nurturing protection as a Mother. The white pearl reflects how she feels about you and how she sees you through her eyes - pure perfection and full of potential to remember who you truly are. Mother Mary is associated with the Fire Element, the South Quadrant of your home and the Archangel Michael.


  1. Mary Magdalene                 Mary Magdalene Pearl  Dual

The Colour is Pink with Pearlized Gold

Mary Magdalene is the Colour Mirrors bottle G13 made into a pearl special bottle. Pink love resting on and supported by gold authentic power. The true embodiment of what power looks like when expressed through unconditional love - soft and generous. The pearls emphasize the feminine energy of grace and beauty. Mary Magdalene is associated with the Water Element, the West Quadrant of your home and the Archangel Gabriel.

3. Black Pearl                     Black Pearl Dual

When the planet feels too dense, your shadow may convince you that leaving is your only option. As you circle the black vortex and feel the gravitational pull luring you into the void, pause a moment to consider whether a deep judgment is the root cause of why you are there. Let this Black Pearl entice you and draw you deep within your own heart where you will feel the eternal love that never left you in the first place, a love so pure it knows nothing of judgments, the bear is reminding you of the importance of self-care 

4. Black and White Pearl Spritzer Duo Set

This twin set of Pearls holds up the mirror of your dark and your light self so you can see the perfection of your soul manifested as you. The density of the dark can feel menacing and full of suffering, yet it is also comforting and protecting. The light of the white can be so bright that it blinds and confuses you, yet it is also purifying and unique. Both play an equal role in your evolution and neither has more value than the other.

The Pearls remind you of how you are cultivated on your spiritual journey, where you move from feeling insignificant to claiming the truth of your divine magnificence and beauty. A pearl starts its journey as dirt, an unacceptable irritant forcing the oyster to secrete a healing fluid to coat the irritant. And when its job is done in the darkness of its shell, the beautifully cultivated pearl is released into the light. Use these bottles to discover what you have hidden in your shadow, what you were told was unacceptable. Dust it off and polish it up and share your pearls of wisdom with the world.

The Pearls help you release the most ancient patterns: that you needed to suffer in the dark to be spiritual; that you could only find your spirit in the light - all those old beliefs that forced you to make a choice and separate light from dark.
Now you can let them stand side by side, your divine
I Am’ Black and ‘You’ White in perfect balance.

5. Copper Pearl       Copper Pearl Dual

This is Lemuria embodied in luscious, shimmery, earthy copper tones, reminding you of simpler times when you held no judgments about being on this planet and being in a physical body. In Lemuria you understood that this planet is heaven, and your heartbeat was in sync with Gaia’s. Life unfolded with a beautiful sense of ease and flow, and this bottle helps you relax back into that zone & enjoy the ride. This Pearl is lush & delicious like the best chocolate, hence its nickname, ‘Chocolate Pearl’!