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8 Colours of Prosperity Book by Moira Bush

8 Colours of Prosperity Book by Moira Bush

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Activating the Law of Attraction with Colour Frequencies

How to get out of debt without working harder. Instead become self aware by using colour analysis and therapy alongside: the law of attraction, stopping poverty habits, learning prosperity habits and learning which devils are in charge of your finances and relationships.

With her new book, Moira Bush lifts the veil on the secret magnetic nature of the colour spectrum and its relationship to the laws of attraction. An engaging, practical "how-to" manual on growing prosperity consciousness, it is also lively, rich work about the healing powers of colour. Moira is nothing short of a Rainbow Shaman - her readers will benefit in both their outer and inner lives from her unique perspective and deep experience coming from a lifetime of success working with the esoteric, therapeutic qualities of light. 8 colours of Prosperity is destined to be a classic shining Light on the Path for years to come.

Paperback - 142 pages

This is the second edition of the book. Recently Moira added new content for the 3rd edition, included with your purchase is a PDF of the new chapter!

On Amazon - $24.95 and I am selling for $15.95 ~ What a Deal!