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#7 – Variety of CM Shaman Spirit Animal Special Spritzer’s No Pictures as of yet

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Variety of Special CM

Spirit Animal Bottles

Created Jointly by

Katie Moore and
Debra Hubers Paradis

By Special Orders only Through Katie or Debra or your Practitioner in the USA

Specials Retail $64.50. ----Practitioner Rate $54.50 ------US Dollars Each

  1. High Priestess         ISIS Priestess Feline -Panther/Lion Tiger
           ISIS                                         Ancient Egypt

The Colour is Deep Dark Magenta W/ Pearlized  Gold
Scent: is possibly the combination of
Metal and Rose Gold Lady Spritzers.

The first is the Isis Priestess Feline. Its a beautiful combination of Pather Tiger, and Lion Energy.

High Priestess- Isis Panther/Lion Tiger Ancient Egypt energy.

This is about being fully in your Divine Feminine Power.

Debra was in a session a few days before the creation of this bottle with her shaman who felt the presence of Isis front and center with Debra. 
I find all of this interesting
as I am preparing to go to Egypt, Jordon and Petra in January of 2025. 
Katie and I both feel that we had past lives in Egypt together.
Katie is assisting me in preparation for my Egypt journey. .
  1. HAWK                   HAWK Spirit Animal

The Colour is Bronze with Pearlized Gold
Scent: is possibly the combination of
Air and Fire Elements.

This is a CM Spritzer, Hawk represents clear vision and deep understanding and has a keen sense of where it is going. Hawk is a symbol of visionary power, mysticism, and freedom and they are the proctors of the air.
They evoke a Shift in perception to a higher perspective with great ease

3. BEAR                Cosmic BEAR Spirit Animal

Colour is Pink Dragon With Pearlized Copper Cosmic Energy
Scent: is possibly Vanilla plus scent of the Gnome bottle

Scent: is possibly Vanilla plus scent of the Gnome bottle

This is a CM Spritzer, Cosmic Bear: Feels like the Divine Mother/Gaia  proctection strengthening Love, HUG!

 In the realm of spirit animals, the Bear: represents strength, courage, confidence and leadership. If you are always the leader and always have others depend on you, the bear is reminding you of the importance of self-care.

4. SNAKE                SNAKE  Spirit Animal

Colour is White Pearlized with Red and Black Sparkles
Scent: is possibly Fire Scent + the Scent of the “You” White Pearl Shadow spritzer.

Snake of Transformation Shines Light into your Shasows. To assist in the acceptance of  your Shadows and helping to shedathe skin of limitations and the past trauma. Included in the bottle is the energy of the phoenix shedding with ease and grace,