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#6 Variety of Colour Mirrors Specials and Creators

#6 Variety of Colour Mirrors Specials and Creators

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Variety of Special CM Bottles

Created By a Variety of Practitioners

By Special Orders only Through Katie or Debra or your Practitioner in the USA

Specials Retail $64.50. ----Practitioner Rate $54.50 ------US Dollars Each

1.  Violet Flame          Violet Flame Spritzer Essence it's shimmery, effervescence                                       Creators Debra Hubers Paradis in conjunction with
Joy Richard, &  Negri both USA Practitioner’s

Upon spritzing the Violet Flame its shimmery, effervescence will sprinkle down upon you and surround your auric field with its loving energy.
This essence permeates every cell and atom of your body, mind, emotion, memory and spirit, transmuting (getting rid of / breaking up ) anything less than the highest vibration of love and light.  I am the key to the ever-present now and conscious creation. The Violet Flame is a miraculous spiritual energy that blazes through your heart center and cannot help but blaze outward, bringing you tenderness, relief, forgiveness, freedom, expansion, and spiritual transformation.

2. Violet Flame          Violet Flame Dual Also Created by the above people. 
If we allow it, the peaceful violet and sparkling violet of this bath bottle will seep into the very cells of the DNA and transmute the known and unknown discordant energies that reside deep within us. We will be made new once we embrace the forgiving and healing energies available to us through the Violet Flame. This bottle is a new level of love & clearing, reminding us that we can be set free through love, harmony & forgiveness

3. Dove                     Dove Sublime Spritzer Essence Created by Katie Maria
Created by Melissie recently for the lovely Katie-Maria McCarthy and she has shared it with the members of a 6 month course she is currently offering called Divine Transformation. To say it 'fits the bill' for this work would be an under-statement!! It really is blissfully beautiful and the word 'transcendent' comes immediately to mind. And of course, Dove brings messages of global and individual peace. I have noticed an increase in the peace vibration I am able to tap into since working with this essence. Just fabulous! Already it has become one of Katie’s absolute favourites!  
4. Ezekiel                     Ezekiel  pritzer Essence Created by Hayden
Ezekiel, whose name means “strengthened by God,” grew up in Jerusalem, where he trained to be a priest in the temple.
A massive thank you to Melissie Jolly for creating the mesmerising ‘Ezekiel’ essence for Hayden @ Dreemtime Academy  in deep turquoise with gold dust! Ezekiel is an angel who came in a new guide during this years
11 11 Cosmic Portal. The fragrance is Divine and the energy is just so spot on!