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#5 Norse Special Colour Mirrors Spritzers by Katie Moore

#5 Norse Special Colour Mirrors Spritzers by Katie Moore

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4 Norse Specials

Created By Katie Moore

By Special Orders only Through Katie or Debra or
your Practitioner Directly in USA

Specials Retail $64.50. ----Practitioner Rate $54.50 ------US Dollars Each

When Katie felt the energy of the bottles she could feel each Deity very strongly.

Freya lifted her out of her body with a feeling of oneness.

Odin grounded her in his beautiful light.

Thor opened the receiving side of my heart chakra quickly and with ease. Frigga wrapped me up in the most comforting warm loving light.

These bottles work with any healing modality and ENHANCES the energy. They are very beneficial in assisting us on our Spiritual Journey.

Which bottle calls to you?

1. Odin        Odin – Light Brown with Gold Sparkles

      " Remember the Olde Ways" Ancient Healed Masculine Energy

Fragrance: Sweet Grass and Sweet Tobacco

2. Thor         Thor -  Silver with Gold Sparkles

       "Connecting with your inner strength to overcome any obstacles
and challenges."
Fragrance: Very earthy like dirt.

3. Freya         Freya - Blue/Lilac with White Pearl
        "See yourself as you are. A beautiful divine being of light."

 Part of the Divine Feminine. She shows us our true beauty.
Helping to unlearn and let go of cultural conditioning.

Fragrance: Gardenia

4. Frigga        Frigga Pale Yellow with White Pearl 

"The Harth within is the Harth without." Teaches us that our
home is inside of us. When we nurture ourselves and our inner
Harth, our outer home Harth stays bright, warm, and loving.

Fragrance: Citrus and Vanilla