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#4. Fire Starters By Hawden Crawford In USA Order directly through Debra or your practitoner

#4. Fire Starters By Hawden Crawford In USA Order directly through Debra or your practitoner

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#4 Fire Starter Duals

Created By Hayden Crawford

By Special order only in the USA
Through Debra Hubers Paradis
USA CM Distributor,
or your Practitioner in your area

Specials Retail $64.50. ----Practitioner Rate $54.50 ------US Dollars Each

1. The Garnet          F1 - The Garnet (Ruby Red over Red)

                                         Chakra: Root----Main Theme:

This bottle offers you unlimited energy and vitality relieves and releases physical pain and promotes a deep feeling of safety and security.

However, the negative aspects can lead to victimhood, loudness, anger, survival, materialism, resistance, aggression and feeling separate from others

Dominant Characteristics: A very brave, confident, dominant and secure person who standson their own two feet. Possesses a lot of male energy and vitality and so can be an alpha personality. Is very focused on the physical and material aspects of life.

Possible Challenge Aspects: Can be addicted to material things and may misuse his/her strength and power. Will not take on responsibility, especially when it comes to the material side of life. Can be angry and frustrated, a tendency to lean toward laziness, and a lack of interest in life.  A great need for energy in life. Can lead to victimhood, loudness, anger, survival issues, materialism, resistance, aggression, overpowering and feeling separate from others.

2. Chiron                             F2 - Chiron (Pearl Black over Red)

                                                   Chakra: Root----Main Theme:

This bottle is a change agent, offering you passion, power and fearlessness. It will blaze light into darkness and burst unhealthy illusions.

Dominant Characteristics: A passionate, sexual and fearless leader who might be putting up a shield. There is an indication of some potential power issues which may manifest as arrogance and control.

Possible Challenge Aspects: It is symbolic of the wounded healer. Perhaps you have a damaged little inner child who is ready to let go of a lot of issues. The victim archetype with suppressed anger. Like the pain of being locked in a dungeon & not being able to see the way out. Acting defensive & unable to let your guard down.

3. "Fire & Ice"                     F3 'Fire & Ice' - (Silver over Red)

                                                  Chakra: Root---Main Theme:

 This bottle encompasses the energy of a Spiritual Warrior or the Crusader. It opens pathways and clears the way for a send-off. You may be living the light in your physical body. Spirit and matter brought together.

Dominant Characteristics: Helps to level out amplified rage. A huge choice to be made about shocks from the past. Christ energy, burning away the old for purification.

Possible Challenge Aspects: The negative aspects are intransigence, a refusal to change one's views or to agree about something. Misunderstanding the truth, separation or rage beyond control. Deciding whether to hang on to anger and revenge or get clear about it and let it go.

4. The Entrepreneur            F4 - 'The Entrepreneur' (Ruby Red over Deep Coral)

            Chakra: Root and Sacral --Main Theme:

Huge expansion and abundance becoming available. This may manifest as winning the lottery, a business taking off or an inheritance. True self-acceptance is available.

Dominant Characteristics: A true entrepreneur who is capable of holding deep compassion. True self-acceptance is available.

Possible Challenge Aspects: Survival issues. If the negative aspects dominate then it can result in violence, manipulation, addiction, shock, trauma and anger that is looking to punish the whole world around it. Feeling so separate that chaos is created as a consequence.

5. Genius                           F5 - 'Genius' (Yellow over Red)

              Chakra: Root and Solar Plexus --Main Theme:

This colour combination holds extreme intelligence, a massive potential for power and huge passion. It closely aligns with the energy of the Lyran race. It is very action-orientated with an intellectual strength that allows the material world to work for you.

Dominant Characteristics: Power, control and separation. Hyperintelligence. Panoramic awareness. An underlying fear of betrayal and abandonment. Feeling angry at yourself.

Possible Challenge Aspects: The negative aspects reveal signs of ADHD, hyperactivity, dyslexia or diabetes. Feeling unsure about how to behave in a group or struggling to fit in. Not feeling part of the group. You may currently be experiencing fear and confusion about survival. This is masculine abuse of feminine power. It may also suggest potential violence, raw anger, fear, victimhood or feeling out of control.

6. Dislocation                   F6 'Dislocation' - (Pearl Turquoise over Red)

       Chakra: Root, Heart & Throat --Main Theme:

This bottle helps in releasing frozen emotions. It generates a feeling of being unleashed and shifting out of old ways of being. It is a powerful ally when your desire is to remove restrictions.

Dominant Characteristics: Blaming others for financial chaos. Misplaced faith. Going through a divorce. A full-on separation in which everyone has left. A willingness to feel anger but blame keeps you stuck.The starving artist archetype. I had faith but look what happened. Someone who thinks they trust in the universal flow of abundance but they don't really believe it so they have ungrounded faith.

Possible Challenge Aspects: Indicates that you may be a shocked Starchild feeling separation from your tribe. You may feel broken-hearted or you might be displaying passive-aggressive behavior. Avoid being too hasty or impulsive at this time or you may create financial chaos. It can also manifest as misplaced faith, inappropriate communication, conflicted emotions or broken-heartedness.

7. Zealot                            F7 - 'Zealot' (Red over Royal Blue)

      Chakra: Root and Third-Eye –Main Theme

A Starchild who has come to teach humanity to the next level. Big revelations are available. This colour combination links to past life experiences at the Martian Mystery Schools. Being capable of time travel.

Dominant Characteristics: Revelation. A spiritual warrior. Able to channel future information. Bringing information down from other realms. Remembering that ascension is possible in a physical body. Healing lifetimes worth of old issues.

Possible Challenge Aspects: If you are living negatively then this can produce passive-aggressive behavior and instability. It feels like initiation by fire. You may be a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of your religious, political or other ideals. Holding a lot of spiritual information but being too scared to go out there and share it.