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26. Partnerships

26. Partnerships

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26. Partnerships (Magenta / Olive Green)

This is not an easy vibration and the main lesson is to stand on your own two feet. Let go of anger and resentment: this is a time for radical forgiveness.

This number reduces to 8 and relates to Saturn.  There is not the space for co-dependency. We are all God in a body, and we cannot be in a space where someone else does it for us. It is time to stand on your own and be counted otherwise you will have to face challenging situations relating to personal, business or financial situations. Clear any resentments and anger and learn the lessons of radical forgiveness. This is a time to forgive and love.

The magenta in the top relates to divine love and the olive to feminine leadership. These colours relate to our relationship with Father God and Mother Earth. As we make peace with the male and female energies within us, balance will follow in all our dealings.