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#11 Nature Series Special Essences by Korani

#11 Nature Series Special Essences by Korani

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Nature Series Special Essences

Created By Korani and Melissie Jolly

By Special Orders only Through Katie or Debra or your Practitioner in USA

Specials Retail $64.50. ----Practitioner Rate $54.50 ------US Dollars Each

1.  Seahorse        Colour: sea-green with a sprinkling of pale golden
                                          sparkles & has an exquisite scent

Promotes: a deep sense of peace and simplicity, as if all the unnecessary ‘stuff’ can just fall away. This is a starry being , who has chosen to take up residence in our oceans and spread its light from there. Seahorse has a delicate, subtle quality to it. It feels as if it has much to share with us, but that it might only give up its secrets gently and slowly – perhaps as we are ready to receive them.

2.  Butterfly        Colour: Most exquisite, soft pearly pale lilac.

3.  Dragonfly      Colour: Most Gorgeous rich Rose Pink/ with a gentle golden
                                          shinmmer in the form of the Dragonfly essence.

Promotes : Butterfly + Dragonfly both radiate light, love & blessings in a big way

4.  Hummingbird      Colour: Most Gorgeous rich Blue Green                                            

Promotes : Hummingbirds have always been a subject of awe and fascination. It is a symbol of hope, resilience, tenacity and so much more.

Korani also has a set of Starlight Duals and Essences these are all special orders through Katie, Debra or your local practitioner.
The Starlight energy touches so many of us here on Earth. Perhaps, you feel a deep connection to the stars and the sense of oneness, expansion and vastness they bring. Perhaps, it is their shimmering, shining radiance that draws you. Perhaps, it is a reminder that even in deepest, darkest night, there are points of brilliance and light

To View these specials visit https://www.korani.net/starlight