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Violet Flame, Bless and Release Tapping 30 Min Session one on one

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Violet Flame and Bless and Release Session

The Violet Flame is the merging of the Blue Flame of the Divine Masculine, the Pink Flame of the Divine Feminine and the Clear Diamond Fire of Creator light. When the blue and pink and clear flame merge, the Violet Flame is activated in a Holy Trinity Flame of unconditional nurturing energy.

Violet Flame is a miraculous spiritual energy It is a divine gift/ tool a very powerful healing energy given to us by the Ascended Master Saint Germain and Lady Portia.

This beautiful blazing, singing flame is truly the wine of forgiveness, the wine of the Holy Spirit. This flame, then, is like a cosmic eraser. When we call forth the Violet Flame it invokes the flame of mercy as the Holy Spirit, it actually erases the effects, the memory and the cause and concept of sin in our daily lives.

The Violet Flame is able to transmute all negativity and transgressions that you may have in this lifetime or past lifetimes.   The ultimate purpose of the Violet Flame is to turn the Human into the Divine Human. Allowing us to transmute denser feelings, actions, deeds, karma etc into a higher vibrational frequency.

During this 30 minute session we are working with the Color Mirrors Bottles &  Violet Flame energy and our Violet Flame special Spritzer along with the Bless and Release process to show us the way forward to release any issue that you need assistance with.  Then  you will choose 3 bottles and we allow the bottles to speak to us.

~  Bottle 1 ~
Where are you right now.

~ Bottle 2 ~
Where you would like to be?

~ Bottle 3 ~
Creation Bottle
Receive guidance on where to put your focus to
generate what you want in regards to the issue.

We dive into the meaning of each bottle, reflect how it is showing up in your life and this issue and how to implement the guidance received.

When you are ready for powerful change, you are drawn to Colour Mirrors !