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Metamorphosis Touch Healing

Metamorphosis Touch Healing

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Metamorphosis Touch was founded by Robert St. John. The work began in the 1950’s and evolved over time until his passing in 1996. 

Easing deep chronic tension | Creating healthier relationships & greater well-being. Also excellent for assisting in the elimination of stuck stories or patterns. 

Metamorphosis is a beautifully simple and deeply profound approach to understanding that we are infused with a level of tension at the moment of conception, via our DNA and various other ethereal energies. This underlying tension is unconscious and creates the patterns of tension that we view as negative personality traits, symptoms of all sorts, our issues, and conflicts. The degree of tension determines how well you function in life. The greater the tension within, the harder day to day life is.

This session will have you feeling refreshed, open to new possibilities, and feeling refreshed and ready to take inspired action.

What takes place in a Metamorphosis Touch session?

  1. We start with Tea Time (if via Skype bring your cup to the session). This time allows us to start grounding ourselves in the present moment.
  2. If in person we take a photo of you on your phone or I will have you take a selfie.
  3. Now I have you lay on the table or if long distance lie on your bed. I use my body as a surrogate. 
  4. We take a few deep breaths and we ask for our Teachers, and Angels to come forth.
  5. We set a positive intention and an outcome for this session.
  6. Using gentle touch, I work on the bony structure of the feet, hands, head, and directly on the spine. You remain fully clothed during the process, with the exception of your feet.
  7. Metamorphosis treatments are typically very relaxing. As deep chronic tension eases, people often feel more relaxed than they do after a massage

  8. .Metamorphosis is a profound catalyst, allowing you to do your own internal process of letting go of unconscious tension. It is your innate intelligence that responds, bypassing your intellect, easing your deepest layer of tension.

  9.  With Metamorphosis, the only thing we are treating is tension. The tension is unconscious, so there isn’t any need to analyze, discuss or work on your issues.

  10. Metamorphosis is not about curing or healing, it is about easing underlying tension and in doing so, our symptoms, no matter how severe, start to ease.
  11. I will take another picture of you or have you take a selfie and we will discuss the changes.
  12. We end the session with Tea Time to re-ground and integrate.
  13. Total time I ask people to allot 15 minutes on each side for preparation and integration in addition to the hour session.
  14. This is like peeling away the leaves of the Artichoke to get to the Heart of your "Inner Child."
  15. You will feel refreshed and see new possibilities!

In Person or Remote /Skype Service | 60 minute session.