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Rising Star Activation with Chakra Balancing 1 hr +15 min

Rising Star Activation with Chakra Balancing 1 hr +15 min

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Carpe Diem - The Seize the Day Session.

A full Rising Star 40 Strand DNA Activation AND Colour Mirrors Chakra balancing AND a Colour Mirrors Bottle.

This activation will have you feeling refreshed, open to new possibilities and ready to take inspired action.

This process continues for 21 days balancing each of the 7 chakras for 3 days each beginning with the Crown Chakra.  I connect with you by email, and tap in.

What takes place in a Rising Star session?

  1. We start with Tea Time (if via Skype bring your cup to the session). This time allows us to start grounding ourselves in the present moment.
  2. If in person we take a photo of you on your phone or I will have you take a selfie.
  3. Next I will check your chakras with the divine rod to see that they are balanced and if not then we will choose one of the Colour Mirrors essential oil spritzers to assist with that process and recheck the chakras.
  4. To begin session you lie you on a table if you are local or we have you lie on your bed if this is long distance. 
  5. Next we bring in your angels, teachers and family or anyone else that would like to be with you for support. 
  6. We set a positive intention and outcome for your session while I am using the BioGenesis healing tool.
  7. Next we proceed with the 45 minute (RS) Activation clearing old generational patterns.
    It is recommended that you schedule a total of at least 3 of the (RS) Activation's over a period of time to see and experience the greatest changes.   
  8. During this time as I lay my hands on each of your chakras I am clearing out old patterns, and blockages allowing for the healing and balancing each chakra.  I may receive messages and I may do some blessing and releasing of whatever issues may come up for you.
  9. Over the last 30 minutes, I will do the Colour Mirrors Chakra Balancing. 
  10. At this point of the session, I choose a specific Colour Mirrors bottle either from the original chakra set (C1-C8),  the higher vibration chakra set (C9-C15) or any other bottles that are drawn to you and we place them on whatever chakras are calling out for extra support and balance.Also if you are doing the session long distance, I lay the bottles on my massage table and imagine you on the table   Remember bottles are energy and so is your body.  Each bottle has a specific message. I am sending you a document with the bottle's names and messages.
  11. I shake the bottle beforehand and sometimes the bottle continues to bubble throughout the session.  That means that particular chakra is continuing to absorb those colours at a deeper level.
  12. During this time I also lay my hands on you and various healing energies will come through. I may receive messages and I may do some blessing and releasing of whatever issues may come up for you. 
  13. I will take another picture of you or have you take a selfie and we will discuss the changes.
  14. We end the session with Tea Time to re-ground and integrate.
  15. Total time I ask people to allot 15 minutes on each side for preparation and integration in addition to the 1 1/2 hour session. Total 2 hours.
  16. This is like peeling away the leaves of the Artichoke to get to the Heart of your
    "Inner Child."
  17. You will feel refreshed and see new possibilities.
  18. I will energetically check in on you over the next 21 days, and send  emails with updates of what to look for and what to expect over the next 21 days.
    For 3 days for each of the 7 chakras will be healing and balancing at a deeper level
  19. A final outcome bottle either a (spritzer or dual essential oil) will be either sent to you to, or you can take home immediately to support you in manifesting your desires.
  20. Additional bottles are available for purchase to take home to assist you on your journey.

In Person or Remote /Skype Service | 90 minute session.