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2024 Colour Mirrors Bottles, Oracle Cards Reading

2024 Colour Mirrors Bottles, Oracle Cards Reading

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Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards Reading

Find out what a specific colour(s) have to Say!

This is an extraordinary time in our lives

Let's take this time to learn how we can nurture ourselves and Empower our lives with a Colour Mirrors reading & Chakra Balance.

During this 60 minute reading we are working with the Color Mirrors Dual Bottles & Spritzers & Oracle Cards to show us the way forward to nurture a relationship or create a new one.
You pick the current topic!
And then we allow the cards and bottles to speak to us.

~  Bottle 1 ~
Where are you right now.

~ Bottle 2 ~
Where you would like to be?

~ Bottle 3 ~
Creation Bottle
Receive guidance on where to put your focus to
generate what you want in your life at this time..

We dive into the meaning of each bottle, reflect on how it is showing up in your relationship and how to implement the guidance received. The bottles will tell you a story!

When you are ready for powerful change, you are drawn to Colour Mirrors !