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Modern Day Reiki Level 3a Master Therapist

Modern Day Reiki Level 3a Master Therapist

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Modern Day Reiki Level 3a Master Therapist 

Two Day Class -- 9-5pm both days

Prerequisite is Level 1 & Level 2 Reiki from any Certified Reiki Teacher

• Acquiring this Level Reiki is the next transformational step towards learning another of the sacred and secret symbols to super charge your healing energy, along with raising your personal vibration to the next level.
• Your Hands are you unique and special healing tools.

During your training you will learn how to use a procedure of Empowerment. You will be connected to a Balanced, Harmonizing, and Healing “Universal Life Energy.

• Learn an additional Master Symbol
• Chakras The Importance of Balance
• Purpose of Attunements (4)
• Receive 4 Attunements
• Learn about Dowsing Rods and chakras
• What is Colour Mirrors
• Colour Mirrors Original Chakra vs Higher Vibration Chakra colours
• Colour Mirrors Meditation
• Reiki Practice using all the symbols to verify you’re comfortable with knowing the symbols and sounds along with feeling that your newly engaged Energy is flowing correctly.

Fee.1000.00 includes Manuals, handouts, interaction with Colour Mirrors bottles, Certificate

Taught by Debra Hubers Paradis and Marie Katherine Dacanay