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Modern Day Reiki Level 2  By Appointment Next One Sunday Aug 30th $244.00

Modern Day Reiki Level 2 By Appointment Next One Sunday Aug 30th $244.00

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Modern Day Reiki Level 2 

One Day Class or Two (four hour) classes -- 9-5pm
Prerequisite is Level 1 from any Certified Reiki Teacher

• Acquiring Second Level Reiki is the transformational step towards learning the symbols and how to send the Reiki energy long distance along with super charging your healing energy.

• The energy is activated by touch nothing else to do unless you care to turbo charge the energy or send it long distance.

During your training you will learn how to use a procedure of Empowerment. You will be connected to a Balanced, Harmonizing, and Healing “Universal Life Energy.

Through the use of additional sounds and ancient symbols from Sanskrit, certain energy centers of your Crown, 3rd eye (forehead), Heart & Hands are activated.

• Review of Reiki 1
• Overview of Reiki II
• Introduction & Interaction with Colour Mirrors
• Learn Reiki II symbols: Three Reiki symbols power, mental and emotional and distance. including Distance Healing
• How to draw and use and practice the symbols in Reiki sessions
• How to use the Mental and Emotional Technique (Harmony Technique) for people and pets and animals.
• Dowsing Rods Introduction
• Reiki Story, History
• Philosophy and Procedures
• How to Get Started in a Practice
• Purpose of Attunements (4)
• Receive 4 Attunements
• Additional use of Colour Mirrors for deeper insight into our chakras & how they can affect us.
• Reiki Practice using all the symbols to verify you’re comfortable with knowing the symbols and sounds along with feeling that your newly engaged Energy is flowing correctly.
• Tips and information for your Reiki Business.
• Discuss joining Reiki Healing Association

Fee- 244.00 includes Manuals, handouts interaction with Colour Mirrors bottles, Certificate