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Fourth Facet Seichim Initiation

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Fourth Facet Initiation

Enables the Initiate to open objects just as a first Facet initiate is opened.  Unlike a Human Initiate, objects can be empowered with the intention of channeling a certain type of energy. For example a crystal may be empowered to release fears or anger and then by placing the crystal under the pillow the process progresses even during sleep.

The Fourth Facet initiation gives you a symbol and sound that allows you to empower objects and to access other dimensions.  Most important this is Heart Chakra activation.

4th Facet Symbol is the “Magnifier Symbol”. Unlike a human initiate, objects can be empowered with the intention of directing “Living Light Energy©” for a specific purpose

The empowered Fourth Facet symbol is like having a special lens for a wonderful camera.   If one uses a camera to symbolize having full power and information, the lens allows the practitioner to use that power in a particular manner for a specific purpose.  In this case the purpose involves crossing into other dimensions. 

  • In effect it enables the initiate to have one foot in the physical world and one foot in spiritual dimensions.
  • It allows much easier access in both directions to an individual’s self.
  • For People who want to access information interdimensional (examples: accessing the Akashic records or channeling personalities from other dimensions) it is an extremely helpful tool.

A technique is taught which is separate from Master Teacher information, that allows a Fourth Facet Master Therapist to utilize this symbol as well as a Fourth Facet Master Teacher.

The Energy exchange for Fourth Facet initiation is $294.00

Initiation, Manual and Certificate.

Prerequisites: Reiki 1 & 2, First, Second & Third Facet Initiation.