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First Facet Initiation Seichim Training

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First Facet Initiation Training Incorporating Colour Mirrors

Open to Everyone, No previous requirement needed.

An Introduction to the Living Light Energy

Acquiring First Facet Seichim /Sekhem is the transformational step toward taking the helplessness out of countless human experiences. Upon completion of the training, you will be able offer a positive healing difference.  Your connection once empowered lasts as long as you do.

  • First Facet initiation enables you to channel, activate and amplify living light energy for any being in need of healing or energy balancing of any kind, including yourself.
  • The energy is activated by touch.
  • Simply by touching yourself or another human being, an animal, or a plant, the healing energy is pulled through you. You can even do this while you’re asleep, as long as you’re touching.
  • Learn the First Facet Symbol.

During your training you will learn how to use a procedure of Empowerment which is from the ancient mystery schools of the East. You will be connected to a Balanced, Harmonizing, and Healing “Sea of Energy”.

Through the use of sounds and ancient symbols from Sanskrit, certain energy centers of your Crown, 3rd eye (forehead), Heart & Hands are activated. 

Upon completion of the Initiation you will be able to act as a channel for this limitless energy.

The Fee for First Facet initiation is $144.00

You will receive Initiation and attunement. Included is a manual that details the First Facet symbol. This is a certified course, so you will receive a certificate.

Date: Coming Soon

Time: 11:30 am – 6:00 pm 


Discovery Bay, CA