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Fifth Facet Seichim Initiation

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Fifth Facet Seichim Initiation

During the Fifth Facet the Sacred Sounds and Symbology of “Everlasting Light Energy” are conveyed.  The manifestation of LOVE form the Heart Chakra through the Throat Center (Voice) come more easily.

Empowers initiate with a symbol and sound that shifts the opened energy of the heart upward into manifestation. 5th Facet Symbol is the “Heart Path Symbol”.

Again, like another lens to add to your camera of full Seichim /Sekhem power, this tool allows an initiate to actively manifest balanced love in their lives.

  • It transforms crises into meaningful lessons.
  • It allows prosperity, health, satisfying personal relationships and other aspects of our life to become reality much more quickly than is normally the case.
  • Heart dreams become life experience.
  • Life begins to unfold as fast as you can run with it.

All the Facets are about opening and energizing the energy center of the heart.  Connecting, permanently and experientially at the heart with Spirit allows us to be transformed and perfected. Seichim initiations increase the initiate’s barriers between people as well as between the personality self and the higher self.

The initiations increase your ability to love more completely without fear and judgment. Using Seichim allows a person to experience at any moment in time, the reality of the non-physical world in a meaningful, satisfying way.  Having the energy available is like being saturated with sparkling, tingling, “Living Light Energy©.” It gently dissolves anything unlike itself and allows us to become free, playful, curious, caring, and fulfilled.

A technique is taught which is wholely separate from Master Teacher information, that allows a Fifth Facet Master Therapist to utilize this symbol as well as a Fifth Facet Master Teacher.

The fee for Fifth Facet initiation is $544.00

Initiation & manual plus certificate.

Prerequisites: Reiki 1 & 2, First, Second, Third & Fourth Facet Initiation.