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Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training 40 hrs -----------either 10 week or 24 week

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"Colour Mirrors is a system that will make your life more colourful, abundant and fun! We help you see yourself more clearly in the mirror of colour and once you have acknowledged your own power and beauty, everything else will fall into place so that you can live a life of abundant joy."  Melissie Jolly – Founder of Colour Mirrors

Ready to take a deeper dive into Colour Mirrors? Join the 10 week 40 hour Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training Class in person or over FB Messenger Video or Skype this is an Interactive Class.

=>  A raise in your spiritual vibration
=>  Opening up of your psychic gifts
=>  Expansion of your self-awareness
=>  Deep clearing of your own stories that no longer serve you
=>  An understanding of why your life unfolded the way it has
=>  A deeper connection to your own life purpose and your soul’s expectations
=>  Start your own business or discover how to add colour to an existing practice to amplify your work.

The course is a certification program. You will included on Colour Mirrors International List of world wide practitioners.

Training Modules Include:

  • Study the language of 19 colours, including the pastels, gold, silver, platinum and diamond
  • How colours identify and clear fear based behavior patterns and limiting beliefs
  • How to master through colour, the 8 Spiritual Principles needed to be an enlightened human
  • Why chakra colours are changing and how to help others integrate and understand their new colours
  • Past lives indicated by colour and colour combinations
  • How to offer 10 different types of readings for individuals, partners or to groups
  • How to conduct sessions professionally
  • How to start a colour practice with a starter pack of 25 bottles can be purchased in sections according to the training
  • How to offer reading sessions globally and work internationally with colour

At the completion of the class you will receive Student Manual & Message in a Bottle Manual, that will have you totally prepared to offer your first session!



Starter Set of Bottles

You will need a small starter set of the Colour Mirrors bottles to attend classes in not in person.

The set below covers all the chakra work, as well as all 19 colours you will study, plus a few spritzer essences. On completing your training, this set will be all you need to work with clients through consultations, readings and chakra work. As you find confidence and a way unique to you in working with colour, you can begin to add more bottles to your collection as and when you are able to.

A starter set comprises of 26 bottles.

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  • 2 hour assessment to establish your needs including a personal reading
  • 2 hour history and introduction to Colour Mirrors
  • 19 hours: 1 hour per colour (some colours need longer, some shorter study time)
  • 2 for chakra work: 1 hour for chakra colours changing and 1 for chakra balancing with bottles
  • 3 hours for learning how to conduct readings with colour bottles
  • 2 hours for business, including how the system can be integrated into existing practices

10 hours Research/Study/Practice/Homework will happen in-between lessons (flexible)

Total of 40 hours

Recommended guideline: lessons are 2 hours max per session, two sessions per week and complete the program in 10 weeks. This is flexible as there are times technology is an issue, or more time is needed in-between each colour to process what it brings up for you. Remember interactive class available for taking over FB Messenger or Skype or in person.  I offer a guest room at reasonable rate if you care to do all 7 days in person.

Please contact me @ Debra.HubersParadis@gmail.com if you are interested.

Payment Option

The course fee is $2,700.00 USD this is for a one time payment if made in payments using other than Zelle direct deposit you will incur merchant fees.   If paying thru here the total is $2,805.00

I am offering payment options too!

If you would like a combination of cash, check and credit card or a weekly payment schedule, please contact me @ Debra.HubersParadis@gmail.com. We can figure out how to make this happen for you.

Payment in full prior to the Last class is required.

I hope you join me in the Colour Mirrors adventure that could be one of the most life enhancing decision you can make!