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Quick Hello from Toronto

We are at lunch break during the Six Pearls of Wisdom workshop I am attending in Canada with Melissie Jollie. LOVING IT!

Join in the fun by exploring these bottles. There are powerful messages in the bottles. Go get your aha moment here!

The Six Pearls of Wisdom

One of the greatest gifts of these shimmering Pearls is that they have come at this time to activate the female face of the Divine. They are part of the process of coming back to the mother of all creation, the feminine force of the Universe and in this shimmery light we are reminded of where it is that we find pearls.

In the depth of the ocean inside a peculiar little creature buried under a rock, inside its crusty shell – that is where we find the pearl of great price. Only the bravest and the wisest would even try and go there but now it is time for all of us to dive into the depths of the emotions, into the depth of the subconscious and dig into the oldest rock-hard ridges inside ourselves to find the truth. When we find it again, that is the moment of the shift, the moment of awakening and the moment heaven allows itself to be fully felt on earth again.