Let Your Inner Child be Curious & Find Ways To Play With The Energy
Colour Mirrors USA

Are you ready to make some huge shifts in your life?

Angels & Dragons,

when teamed together are a new empowering resource for your life that will assist you to:

Move through Overwhelm and Confusion
Uncover a whole new mindset
Clear out old patterns and beliefs
Trust your intuition and insights
Be empowered to take action
Shine your light in the world !

Join Debra Hubers Paradise,

Colour Mirrors International Practitioner and Trainer for ....

A Weekend with Your Angels & Dragons

 A fascinating new discipline from Colour Mirrors

July 8th & 9th 

You will learn  how to use the Spritzer Energy Bottles of the Angels and Dragons from Colour Mirrors to create powerful change in your life.

The 11 Angels bring gentle love and guidance to us, connecting us with our own Divine Knowing and assist us in clearing out old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. They show us we can safely trust our intuitions and insights.

The 9 Dragons allow us to review and release our history from this lifetime, and the influences of past lifetimes that we hold in shadow. History that keeps us fearful of allowing ourselves to shine our true light into the World. The Dragons insist We Get Things Done!!

Date:    July 8th & 9th 2017            

Time:    10:00 am – 5: PM

Venue:   Private Home ~ Discovery Bay

Cost:     2 day workshop -  $165.00     Bottles Available for purchase $44.00 + Tax

Register: On-line or signup @ Crystal Bowl 

More information Contact Debra @ Debra.HubersParadis@gmail.com

Max 10 People per Weekend

A Message from Debra Hubers Paradis about the class

Dear Friends, 

In our fast paced, and technologically saturated, third dimensional world the idea of `Angels` or `Dragons` having much relevance in our daily lives seems hard to consider. However, if we pause to realize how the presence of such `beings` are active in our day to day lives anyway we could begin to better utilize their energy for our individual and collective benefit. If we approach them as already known Archetypal Energies, we will begin to see how alive and active they truly are.

Angels have been represented as a powerful archetype resource for `good` for thousands of years through all our known religious belief systems. They are recognized as messengers, protectors, and mediators to assist us in bridging a connection over our spiritual and third dimensional lives. Angels are usually our link to whatever concept of a `HEAVEN ABOVE` that we each hold. They offer us the higher perspective on what is happening in our lives, and assist in showing us the bigger picture and the resources available to us to advance on our spiritual journey here on earth.

Dragons as an archetype are deeply steeped in the ancient mythologies of the entire world, particularly in the Northern, Celtic and African peoples ~ They are often depicted as Persecutors and Rescuers who must be slain or tamed. In Chinese mythology, they are considered to be associated with royalty and as such their powers could only be used by Emperors, and they are considered to have access to the gods. Overall, Dragons represent an almost primordial influence in our lives. Dragons represent our `deep dark secrets and fears` that need to be overcome, ~ they are our Shadow Selves, and the unconscious mind. Dragons represent the `EARTH BELOW`. Alchemists traditionally used Dragon symbols in recording and documenting their work, and used them to keep /guard the secrets held there.

When we as humans connect consciously with these 2 most powerful Archetypal Energies and allow their presence in our daily lives we tap into an endless resource for self-knowledge and understanding. I invite you to join us on this weekend workshop to explore for yourselves your own connection and ability to fully utilize what these archetypal entities offer you.

Blessings ~ Debra

Let’s connect with the most powerful Archetypal Energies –

Our Angels and Dragons