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2 Big Announcements!

I am so excited I just can’t hide it!

Do you remember the Pointer Sisters song from the 80’s? Well that song best describes what I am feeling lately! Turn the volume up and dance around with me as this is a joyous time for me with 2 big announcements

First Announcement ! I launched my brand-new website! Debra'sEnergyPoints.com

  • Get your Message in a Bottle for daily inspiration and guidance
  • Updates on classes and trainings
  • Ability to book Energy Session On-line 
  • Order Colour Mirrors Bottles

None of this would have happened without Stephanie Buenger with Open Fields. Stephanie helps me with branding, content creation and built my site! While we were discussing the website, little did I know my words and desires would be transformed into a site that is THIS AMAZING!

What she does is take your idea, polish it and put together the ‘marketing’ that allows you to go out in the world with conviction, confidence and consciously. If you are ready to take your business to the next level contact Stephanie at Sbuenger@gmail.com. She even has a “FREE” Fired-Up Business Breakthrough Coaching Session.

Second Announcement ! I leave Friday for my Colour Mirrors Trainers Training in Canada!

I am thrilled to have Moira Bush, one of the leaders of Colour Mirrors be my teacher and mentor as I take my Colour Mirrors knowledge to the next level! This is a 5-day intensive course and upon completion I will be able to train and mentor new Colour Mirrors Practitioners. Woo Hoo!

I got a Yelp Page too! Yelp loves reviews. Visit my Yelp page and thank you for supporting me!

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